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Walwalling from Wongboral

Boodjar Kwel - Meaning of the place[edit | edit source]

Walwalling means the place of weeping. In English it is known as Mount Bakewell. It is the taller hill overlooking the town of York. Wongboral (Mount Brown) is the other hill.

Kura (long ago) the Hills People met the Plains wer Valley People at the foot of Walwalling for games wer sports.[1].

Walwalling Waarnk - Stories about Walwalling[edit | edit source]

See the bibool Woonding wer Wilura.

Walwalling is the place where the spirit of Wunding (or Woonding) lives. He was a handsome young warrior and, despite warnings, had a wrong way marriage or forbidden relationship with the young girl Wilura. When they eloped, the Valley People (from whom Wilura came from) demanded the return of the young girl. The Hills People (Wunding's people) weren't aware of the girl being in their country, nor the whereabouts of the young couple. The Valley People didn’t believe nidja wer they declared war. During the war, a Muburum (magicman) pronounced a curse il Wunding wer Wilura. Their dead bodies were found wer later a curse sent Wunding's spirit to stay il Walwalling (Mount Bakewell) wer Wilura's spirit to Wongboral (Mount Brown), the lower hill overlooking York. Wongboral means sleeping woman. They would only meet again when the two hills came together.[1][2]

Ngiyan waarnk[edit | edit source]

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