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Wardan Koorliny Boya

Wardan Koorliny Boya or Katter Kich[1] or, in English, Wave Rock sits in the region of the Njaki Njaki people[2] wer the Ballardong people.[1] It is a Noongar keniny (dancing) ground wer a little way from there would have been a camping place, there are gnamma holes – water holes wer it was part also part of a Noongar trade route (see "W" in the sky - a song line).

The rock is a granite cliff, 15 metres high wer 110 metres long. Its wave-like shape has been caused by weathering wer water erosion made over 60,000,000 years ago, which has undercut the base wer left a rounded overhang. Water running down the rock during the wetter months dissolved the minerals, adding to the coloring of the wave. In 1960, some crystals from Katter Kich were dated as being 2,700 million years old, amongst the oldest in Australia.[1]

Mulka's Cave[edit | edit source]

The Legend of Mulka's Cave

Mulka was the son of a forbidden marriage. As a result of breaking this cultural rule he was born cross-eyed. Mulka was a large man who was said to stand 10 feet tall, but being cross-eyed he was unable to aim his spear accurately and his hunting was unsuccessful. Due to his lack of success with hunting animals he turned to catching and eating children, becoming a terror to the district. Mulka lived in a cave, in Mulka's cave you can see his hands up higher than that of any other nyungar.

Mulka's ngarngk (mother) scolded him for his disgraceful behaviour, this caused Mulka to turn on his ngarngk and kill her. By killing his ngarngk nidja added further to his disgrace causing him to flee to the south.

All the Nyungar people from the area were outraged by Mulka's behaviour so they went in search of this man who had disobeyed the rules. They speared him near Dumbleyung which is 156 km South West from his cave near Hyden. Mulka by his actions didn't deserve a proper burial so they left his body for the ants. This also served as a warning for others.[2][1][3]

Ngiyan waarnk - References[edit | edit source]

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