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This is an alias of ‎‫·‏לערי ריינהארט‏·‏T‏·‏m‏:‏Th‏·‏T‏·‏email me‏·‏‬‎. Please contact me at m:user talk:‎לערי ריינהארט. Thanks!
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special:Gadgets and MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition

The main purpose of this account is to test functions from special:Gadgets at various wikis:‎

Wikis with given User Name:‎I18n

‎→ commons:special:Gadgets   commons:MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition  → commons:user:I18n


  1. MediaWiki:Gadgets
  2. MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition
  3. MediaWiki:Gadgets-pagetext
  4. MediaWiki:Gadgets-prefs
  5. MediaWiki:Gadgets-prefstext
  6. MediaWiki:Gadgets-title
  7. MediaWiki:Gadgets-uses

useful links

en:project:WikiProject User scripts Prefixindex T Prefixindex
/Scripts - a library of user scripts
/Requests - a page for requests for new user scripts or updates to existing scripts.
/Guide on writing user scripts
/Guide/Ajax - some resources on using Ajax
/Tutorial - outdated tutorial on how to start using or writing user scripts
/Techniques - outdated list of Javascript techniques commonly used in scripts
/User-script manager - unmaintained tool to add scripts from the library to your personal script
/Piles Piles of code
en:template:User WikiProject User scripts
en:category:Wikipedia scripts
en:category:WikiProject User scripts members

more links to gadget and gadget talk pages

de:MediaWiki talk:Gadgets-definition
de:project:Helferlein Prefixindex
de:project:Skin Prefixindex
/Baukasten - Sammlung von kleinen Codeschnipseln für eigene Javascripts und Stylesheets
/Baukasten#Siehe auch
en:project:Gadget Prefixindex
/proposals - discussing the addition of gadgets
/evaluation - for an evaluation of the existing user scripts
en:MediaWiki talk:Gadgets-definition
en:project:Tools Prefixindex
en:category:Wikipedia tools
fr:help:Gadgets Prefixindex
/Boîte à idées - cette page contient les différentes idées qui pourraient être mise en place dans les gadgets
fr:MediaWiki talk:Gadgets-definition
fr:category:Projet JavaScript
fr:category:Outils Wikipédia
fr:category:Wikipédia:aide technique
fr:category:Aide aux contributeurs expérimentés
ru:project:Инструменты Prefixindex
ru:project:Проект:Персональные скрипты Prefixindex

links to local css and js pages

related IRC chat rooms

#mediawiki #mediawiki-i18n
#wikimedia-toolserver #wikimedia-toolserver #wikimedia-stats
#wikimedia #wikimedia-commons #wikimania
#wikihow #omegawiki #pywikipediabot
m:IRC channels m:IRC Group Contacts
m:Small Wiki Monitoring Team/IRC wikt:yi:project:IRC/links



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Gadget-HighlightRedirects Gadget-HighlightRedirects.css Gadget-HotCat
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Gadget-edittop.js Gadget-large-font Gadget-large-font.css
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Gadget-signwriting Gadget-wikEd Gadget-wikEd.js
Gadgets-definition Gadgets-pagetext Gadgets-prefstext

{{special:Prefixindex/MediaWiki talk:Gadget}}

Gadget-addprefix.js Gadget-rtl Gadget-rtl.css


‎→ search MediaZilla for « user:I18n »
‎→ search MediaZilla for « Gadget »


‎→ bugzilla:012443 · "unable to activate the chekboxes in the « Gadget = #prefsection-10 » section in « special:Preferences » at Hebrew Wikipedia with Opera"‎


‎→ bugzilla:012680 · "the inclusion of « empty » special pages with {{special:Foo}} should either generate valid or no code"‎

other open issues



  1. SVN: Index of /trunk/phase3, RELEASE-NOTES · log
    1. MessagesEn.php · MagicWord.php · view · Names.php · log
    2. {{CONTENTLANGUAGE}}: en · English · MessagesEn.php · log

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en-0 This user has no knowledge of English (or understands it with considerable difficulty).
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