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Below is a list of special gadgets users can enable on their preferences page, as defined by MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition. This overview provides easy access to the system message pages that define each gadget's description and code.

Default gadgets    [View source]

User tools    [View source]

Language support and internationalisation    [View source]

Admin gadgets    [View source]

  • Clean Delete Reasons: This script will remove the automatic deletion reasons to keep the delete logs cleaner. It will not affect the reason that come from the URL.  (View source | Export)
    Uses: Gadget-CleanDeleteReasons.js

    Requires the following right:

    • Delete pages
  • Set User Rights: adds a tab on userpages to change the user rights (used to give a user translator rights)
    Note: You have to be a bureaucrat.  (View source | Export)
    Uses: Gadget-setuserrights.js

    Requires the following right:

    • Edit pages protected as "Allow only administrators"
  • MassDelete: A tool that adds a special page for mass deleting of pages. Note: You need to be an administrator, test-sysops please avoid using this tool as you might accidentally delete something that should not be. (Page: Special:MassDelete)  (View source | Export)
    Uses: Gadget-massdelete.js

    Requires the following right:

    • Delete pages
  • Safe Rollback – asks for confirmation of rollback instead of its direct performing  (View source | Export)
    Uses: Gadget-SafeRollback.js

    Requires the following right:

    • Quickly rollback the edits of the last user who edited a particular page

Tools for Incubator tests    [View source]

  • YourMainPage: Adds a link "My Main Page" in the "tests" section which goes to the page where "User:YourName/mainpage" redirects to.
    DEPRECATED: use instead the test wiki preference under "User profile > Internationalisation"  (View source | Export)
    Uses: Gadget-mainpage.js
  • AddPrefix: Automatically adds prefixes to links when creating a page.  (View source | Export)
    Uses: Gadget-addprefix.js