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    Firefox 3 OK
    Firefox 2 OK FF on Win XP Pro, SP2
    Internet Explorer 8 unknown
    Internet Explorer 7 unknown presumed OK
    Internet Explorer 6 OK Win XP Pro, SP2
    Konqueror OK
    Opera OK Opera 9.50 on Win XP, SP2
    Safari 3/Mac unknown presumed OK
    Safari 3/Win OK Safari 3.0.4 & 3.1.1 on Win XP Pro, SP2
    Safari 2/Mac unknown
    Safari 2/Win don't care Early Safari versions for Windows are known to be buggy.
    We don't cater to broken browsers (well, except IE :-)
    Users should upgrade their browsers to Safari 3.
    Firefox 1.5 unknown needed?
    IE/Mac unknown needed?
    IE 5.5 unknown needed?