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Revision deletion is a form of enhanced deletion which, unlike normal deletion, removes information from any form of usual access. It is used within strict limits to protect privacy, remove defamatory material, and sometimes to remove serious copyright violations, from any page or log entry (including, if required, the list of users) on a Wikimedia project.

There are actually two types of revision deletion available:

  • "Regular" revision deletion allows administrators to hide the contents of any specific revision of a page, the contents of any edit summary, and/or the identity (username or IP) of anyone making an edit, for the reasons stated above. Material deleted this way is no longer visible to most users (registered or IP). However, it is still visible to administrators; on Incubator, the history (but not the deleted text itself) is also visible to test-administrators. Even this type of revision deletion is needed rarely at Incubator.
  • Suppression (for historical reasons also called Oversight) is a further right hiding such revisions even from test-administrators and administrators. It is extraordinarily rare for anything to require true suppression on Incubator.

All full administrators have the right to use regular revision deletion, but only a special group called oversighters can use full suppression. Because it is so rare to need true suppression here—and because Incubator does not have local oversighters—users seeing privacy, defamation or copyright problems on Incubator should contact the administrators first.

Administrators will address any immediate problems, and will contact stewards if full suppression is necessary.

Please do not post requests in public.

If you feel something requires immediate attention and local administrators have not responded, you can contact stewards by using the (on-wiki link). Alternatively, go to stewards' IRC channel (#wikimedia-stewards), find a steward, then privately make a request.

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