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List of Incubator administrators, showing all languages spoken at level 3 or higher (self-reported on users' pages).

Sysop Languages Bureaucrat Importer Admin bot account
Comp1089 en, ru, ba, pl, uk, tt,
be-tarask, eo, de, fr
Danny B. en, sk, cs
Ebe123 en, fr, frc
Hydriz en, zh
MF-Warburg en, de Kimberley-nia Bot
Ooswesthoesbes en, li
Romaine en, nl
SPQRobin en, nl SPQRobot
StevenJ81 en, fr StevenJ81bot
Yair rand en
bold: -N or -5 level

Number of administrator accounts: 14, of which

  • 10 distinct users
  • 3 bot accounts controlled by those users
  • 14th is the abuse filter
Last updated: 23:13, 6 August 2019 (UTC)