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Incubater:ISO 639

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Wikimedie disna decide fer itsel whit's ae leid n whit's ae byleid. We follae the ISO 639 staundairt. Ilka Wikimedia leid edeetion needs tae hae ae valid ISO 639-1 or ISO 639-3 code. Ilka leid wi aen ISO 639-1 code aes weel haes ae ISO 639-3 code, bit na vice versa.

Gif ae 639-1 code is available, that yin maun be taen, itherwise the ISO 639-3 code. Gif nane ar available, than the leid haes nae futur oan Wikimedia, onless ye request ae code (bit this can tak ae lang time, houever).

Here's some airtins til leets o thae codes.

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