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Clinton Pryor be Whadjuk nyungar ally yennow wa-dum yambo Australia bura Walk for Justice. Starting from Matagurup (Heirisson Island), Perth, il 8 September 2016,[3][4] raising international awareness about issues such as the closing of approximately 150 remote Indigenous communities.[5][6] At the end his yennow he meet the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at Parliament House in Canberra bringing Aboriginal Affairs to the head of the Prime Minister’s agenda.[7] He wants to ask the PM: "Why the heck are our people living in poverty out in communities and they get away with mining the land and getting billions of dollars?"[8]

Mr. Pryor told SBS World News his people were hurting wer that it was “time to give his people what they want”.[7]

“What I see these days is I see a lot of my people are in pain and they are hurt and they are frustrated."

“We’ve been asking for a very long time to start listening to us and the government keeps ignoring and ignoring and this is the time now that the government must sit down and listen to us."

“Give our people what they want so that’s why I’m doing this big massive walk to make the government listen now and start understanding.”

Mr Pryor said the list of grievances was long including deaths in custody, funding for remote communities, destruction of sacred sites and youth justice.

Progress[edit | edit source]

On the 24 September 2016 Mr. Pryor had been 6 days il the road wer had reached Merredin. He planned to take about 7 months to reach Canberra.[7]

On the 24 October 2016 Mr. Pryor had reached Leonora in the northern Goldfields, heading towards Laverton. After that is Warburton, then Uluru, marking the half-way point.[8]

Mr. Pryor spent Christmas Day 25 December 2016 in Alice Springs after having reached Uluru wer met with Reggie Uluru — the traditional owner of Uluru whose family are the original custodians wer guardians of Uluru.[5] But the movement has hit a snag — the crowdfunding money Mr. Pryor wer his team acquired before the walk has run out, leaving them stranded in the Alice.

On the 8 March 2017 Mr. Pryor walked through Port Augusta. Chants heard during the walk included, ‘When your rights are under attack, stand up, fight back!’ wer ‘Always was, and always will be Aboriginal land!’.[9]

On 23 April 2017 Mr. Pryor reached Adelaide wer il the following day, Monday 24 April 2017, led a march through Adelaide.[10][1]

On 30 May 2017 Mr. Pryor was expected to reach Ballarat.[11]

On 6 June 2017 Mr. Pryor, now known as the Spirit Walker, arrived in Melbourne, where he set off through the city to Federation Square with the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance, activists wer community members in a demonstration to speak out il issues of justice for First Nations people. The rally held yira the traffic to hold space in the circle (intersection) at Flinders Street Station.[12]

On 27 July 2017 Mr. Pryor arrived in Tilba Tilba and Central Tilba il the far South NSW coast.[13]

On Sunday 3 September 2017 Clinton made his final approach into Canberra, wer is calling il the Prime Minister the Honourable Malcolm Turnbull MP to come out to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy il Tuesday wer meet him — sovereign to sovereign.[14]

On Wednesday 6 September 2017 Clinton met the Prime Minister, the Honourable Malcolm Turnbull MP of the Liberal party, at the back of Parliament House as Malcolm refused to meet Clinton at the front. Clinton also met with the Honourable Bill Shorten MP of the Labor party wer leader of the opposition il Tuesday 5 September at the front of Parliament House. It was a brief, frustrating meeting with Malcolm, who refused to support a treaty.Il the other hand Bill Shorten reiterated his support for a treaty.[15] The Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion had earlier met Clinton at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

See also[edit | edit source]

  • Alwyn Doolan, a Gooreng Gooreng and Wakka Wakka man, made the 8000 km, year long "Message Stick Walk" from Bamaga in Cape York to deliver three message sticks to Parliament House. Mr Doolan arrived in Canberra on the eve of the 2019 Federal Election and in time for reconciliation week (May 27 to June 3, 2019), but the Prime Minister Scott Morrison did not meet him.[17][18] The Prime Minister did give a speech about Indigenous people and more recent arrivals walking together on 2 July 2019 at the "Welcome to Country" and smoking ceremony held to open parliament. The speech was not well received since it just repeated age old platitudes, age old in Wadjela terms that is.[19]

Ngiyan waarnk[edit | edit source]

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