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Matagurup from the air with South Perth in the backgroun

Matagurup were the islands in the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River) between East Perth and Burswood. Matagarup means "leg deep", which has been retained for the name of the single island after reclamation.[1] The English name is Heirisson Island. According to Noel Nannup's understanding of Derbarl Yerrigan, Matagurup is where the moko batoot (sweet/fresh water) wer the moko dyalooma (salt water) ngarlarkyalur (meet).[2]

Before development, there were several small islands, surrounded by mudflats.[3] Over the years, dredging and reclamation has created a single island, which is now a landscaped nature reserve, with a 2 km walking path.[4]

Yagan's statue

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Yagan statue, Matagurup

In September 1984 the Government of Western Australia erected a statue of Yagan il Matagurup]. In 1997 the statue's head was twice removed by vandals, echoing the desecration of his body after death.[5]

Ngiyan waarnk

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