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Da fahn di Inglish verzhan a Wikipedia moas a dis aatikl geh chranslayt, ahn di chanslayshan bays moasli pahn di meenin, noh werd-fi-werd.
This article has been translated primarily from the English version of Wikipedia, generally using a meaning-based translation approach.
Spoats doz aalwayz play wahn mayja paat eena Bileez kolcha. Da chroo Bileez da-mi neva wahn big intanashanal powa eena spoats, bot di atleet dehn eena Bileez doz tek den spoats tu haat ahn stil play haad. Wahn big jraabak wid spoats da noh nof moni deh, ahn noh nof plays deh fi play spoats, ahn noh nof impoatans deh pahn spoats az wahn link tu nashanal kolcha ahn praid. Bot, mataz bee, spoats kantinyu fi bring Bileezyan pipl tugeda weda gaym deh aan er nat. Bileez Nashanal Spoats Kongsl in chaaj a spoats eena Bileez, ahn di Olimpik Komiti in chaaj a di Bileez spoats groop weh goh tu di Olimpik Gaymz. Atleet dehn fahn Bileez fos tek paat eena di Olimpik Gaymz eena 1968, wen da-mi British Handooras. Futbaal da di mayn spoats pipl wach da Bileez, bot saafbaal, baaskitbaal, valibaal, krikit, rogbi, netbaal ahn chrak ahn feel papula tu. Evribadi aalso noa Bileez fu ih snerklin ahn daivin. Lata farina laik waata spoats eena Bileez. Eena 1995 di nyoo Nashanal Staydyom mi oapm eena Bileez. Sports have always played a major part of Belizean culture. While Belize has never been an international sporting power, the nation's athletes have taken their discipline seriously. Sports in the country is plagued by a lack of finance and sporting facilities, and little emphasis on sports as an integral part of national culture and pride. Nevertheless, sports continue to unify Belizeans on and off the field. Belize's National Sports Council oversees sports Belize, while the Olympic Committee oversees the country's Olympic Games delegations. Athletes from Belize first participated in the Olympic Games in 1968 while representing British Honduras. Association football is the main spectator sport for Belizeans, but softball, basketball, volleyball, cricket, rugby, netball as well as track and field are popular. Belize also is well known for snorkeling and diving. Many sports engaged in by foreign visitors are related to water. In 1995 the new National Stadium was opened in Belize City.