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Bileez ga poblik ahn praivit heltkyaa sistim. Di Minischri a Helt (MoH) da di govament ayjensi weh in chaaj a di hoal helt sekta ahn da di bigis provaida a helt saavis eena Bileez. Di MoH aafa afoadabl kyaa tu moas Bileezyan, ahn dehn foakos pahn provaid heltkyaa chroo wahn raynj a poblik proagram ahn instityooshan. Pahn di ada said a di poblik helt sekta da di praivit helt sekta. Di praivit provaid kyaa tu wahn smaala nomba a di papulayshan. Bot, sayhn way laik di poblik sekta, praivit helt saavis kaas, wen yu tink aal rong bowt it, noh tu tu moch, ahn di too sekta put impoatans pahn kwaliti a kyaa ahn how fi improov. Healthcare in Belize is provided through both public and private healthcare systems. The Ministry of Health (MoH) is the government agency responsible for overseeing the entire health sector and is also the largest provider of public health services in Belize. The MoH offers affordable care to a majority of Belizeans with a strong focus on providing quality healthcare through a range of public programs and institutions.[2]In contrast to the public health sector, the private health sector provides care to a smaller portion of the population. However, similar to the public sector, private health services are offered at a relatively low cost with a shared emphasis on quality of care and quality improvement.