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Bitte auf meiner Diskussionsseite auf der deutschen Wikipedia, weil ich hier nur sehr selten hereinschaue.

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type=create (search/create/comment/commenttitle/fulltext)
width=40 (in characters)
default=Wp/vmf/ (default text)
preload=User:Silvicola/voorlaach-ardigl/Hâuâlâuisch (only if type = create / comment)
editintro= (only if type = create / comment; side to be shown above edit window)
hidden= (only if type = create / comment; needs a default, no input box shown)
searchbuttonlabel= (only if type = search / fulltext; name of the fulltext search button)
break=yes (line break after inout box? only if value != no, defaults to yes)
namespaces= (only if type = search / fulltext; comma-separated list of namespaces (prefixes) for search, displayed in a row of checkboxes; pending "**" marks preselection)
prefix= (only if type = search / fulltext; prepend the prefix to input box)