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The chinook jargon wiki interface just got approved, and obviously it's not very good. Some stuff is just hard to say in chinook...

OPOSSUM kʰapa ənsaykʰlupʰitiya yaka chaku kʰapa tʰawn! t’ɬunas msayka kəmtəks: kʰa nayka chaku-kəmtəks ukuk ləlang... nayka miɬayt kʰapa kʰaliponiya-iliʔi, pi nayka tiki łatwa alaska kʰapa wam iliʔi, pus mamuk-kʰla hayu uyx̣ət yawa. kʰimt’a 2023 snu yaka taɬləm-ixt-mun, nayka tiki chaku-kəmtəks chinuk ləlang, qʰiwa nayka t’ɬap hayu wawa-ikta pi iliʔi-nim kʰapa ukuk ləlang, kakwa "chum salmon", "cheechako", "Skookumchuck", pi hayu x̣luyma ikta. anqati, wik-qʰənchi nayka təmtəm: aɬqi nayka trai chaku-kəmtəks chinuk... nayka mamuk hayu hihi qʰənchi chako-kəmtəks ukuk ləlang.

Uncyclopedian OPOSSUM tulee kaupungissa! Tiedätte, että vielä opin tätä... Asun Kaliforniassa (yhdysvalloissa), ja haluan mennä Alaskassa kesässä, ja... siivota... rataita. Marraskuun alkauksesta olen tahtonut oppia chinook-jargon:en, koska löytin paljon tsinuk sanaissa pi paikan-nimeissa, kuin "chum salmon (vai koira-lohi)", "cheechako", "Skookumchuck", ja ereä asiaa. Minä olen ei koskaan tuntenut että yrrittäisin oppia chinook-jargon:ta... mutta olen olenut paljon hauska oppimassa tuota kieltä.

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From Uncyclopedia OPOSSUM is coming to town! You know that I'm still learning this [chinook jargon]... I live in California, and I want to go to Alaska during the summer, to clear the trails (as a part-time park ranger.) Since early November I have wanted to learn Chinook Jargon, because I found a whole lot of words, place names and more in it, including "chum salmon", "cheechako", "Skookumchuck", among others. I never thought that I would try to learn Chinook, but I have had a lot of fun learning that language.

PS I started learning finnish last year only because of the excessive amount of weird finnish memes in the places you'd least expect them

Ankuttie, hayu tillicum kopa Alaska-Illahee, Yukon, King George-Columbi, Washington-Illahee Oregon-Illahee pi California kumtucks ikt makook-lalang pi nesika mamook kumtucks ukuk lalang kopa boston-wawa kakwa "Chinook Jargon". Spose mika palach elann spose nesika kansi nesaika mamook tsum kopa WikKopetIkta (kahta nika wawa spose Wikipedia kopa chinook lalang), hiyu mahsee. Nesaika tikegh chee tillicum spose elan nesaika kansi nesika mamook tsum!!! ELAN!!! Pi altki spose nesika mamook kunnamockst, WikKopetIkta chako KopetIkta pi yaka klattawa kopa delet Wikipedia! Chinook hiyu easy lalang spose mika chako-cumtucks yaka, pi hiyu nesika pepah hiyu tenas.

A long time ago, many people on the west coast of North America knew the trade language which is known in English as "Chinook Jargon". If you help us contribute to WikKopetIkta (what I refer to Chinook Jargon Wikipedia as), many thanks. We need new people to help us expand the wiki!!! HELP!!! And soon , if we work together, WikKopetIkta ("incomplete thing" in Chinook Jargon) will become the "complete thing" and get a place on real Wikipedia! Chinook Jargon is a very easy language to learn, and most of our articles are very short.

Chinook Jargon Transliteration Tool[edit | edit source]

Websites that may come in handy for Chinook Jargon learners (like myself!)[edit | edit source]

Gibbs' Dictionary Online (English-Chinook Section): This is the online dictionary I used when I began learning it...

CJ Server Wordlist by Q'alis Three thousand terms defined? How?

Henry Zenk's Chinook Jargon etymologies Contains a bunch of words and their origins, arguably less useful than the other two.

Tenas Wawa Perhaps the biggest Chinook Jargon website of the 90's. Contains the story of "Moola John", learning resources, a few letters, crosswords, and a few other things.

Chinook Jargon Facebook Group: It takes a long time to get your account approved though!

BC Chinook Jargon Contains a bunch of materials that I often struggle to access due to my garbage internet. David Robertson's blog about obscure Chinook Jargon features, old Chinook newspapers and letters, and a few other things...

Kaltash Wawa A failed successor to Kamloops Wawa, turned into a glorified shitpost website ran by some guy in British Columbia. Contains a couple stories, like one about this guy's trip to a rodeo and a town called Pemberton. Also has a few shitty memes for some strange reason.

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