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This page is a translated version of the page Incubator:Wikis and the translation is 96% complete.

The follaein leet conteens aw test wikis in deveelipmant oan the Wikimedie Incubater that meet awn or baith o the fallowin criteria:

  • They are substantious (haein at least 25 mainspace pages), an
  • They are acteeve (haein some acteeve content creaution syne the beginin o 2023).

Fer the maist acteve anes o thir wikis, see Incubator:Featured wikis.

For the statistics about all these wikis, see Incubator:Wikipedia projects.

Fer the wikis that hae muived oot o Incubater, see the Steid cræftin log.

Faer test wikis nae leetit here, see Category:Incubator:All test wikis, where aw tests are leetit bi project code an leid code.