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Notice Please note for users from Norman Wikipedia (nrmwiki): The actual ISO 639-3 code nrm is used for Narom language, a Malayo-Polynesian language which used by Narom people in Sarawak, Malaysia. There's no directly a code for Norman existing, though the ISO 639-3 code nrf exists, which is shared by Guernésiais and Jèrriais dialects. Therefore, users who want to contribute Norman Wiktionary should go to Wt/nrf rather than this project.
However, for Narom users, it's not currently technically possible to start Narom Wikipedia, when trying to edit that, it will show This wiki already exists. You can find this page on $1. If the wiki was recently created, please wait a few hours or days until all content is imported. instead, and you can't continue any editing on it. We hope that this unfair technical limit can be resolved in the near future, depends on Phabricator T25216: Move the Nourmande Wikipedia from nrm to nrf