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For historical reasons, Norman Wikipedia can be found at nrm:
For historical reasons, Norman Wikipedia (including Guernésiais and Jèrriais dialects), was created with language code nrm, even though that is properly the language code for Narom (a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken by the Narom people in Sarawak, Malaysia). It is hoped that we will be able to move Norman Wikipedia to nrf.wikipedia.org in the future; see phab:T25216.
Notice IMPORTANT INFORMATION For the potential Narom users:

Unfortunately, it is not currently technically possible to start creating Narom Wikipedia here, when anyone is attempting to create pages (visit Special:Edit/Wp/nrm/(somepage)):

  • For users who are using any old version of Wikitext editors, they get a surprising message:

    This wiki already exists. You can find this page on [/wiki/Main Page wiki/Main Page]. If the wiki was recently created, please wait a few hours or days until all content is imported.

  • For users who are using VisualEditor or 2017 Wikitext editor, they can load both editors as-is, but neither edit areas nor edit tools are available (and hence they still can't enter and publish any contents)

WHY? This is because the Norman Wikipedia exists at this location and the database name nrmwiki is reserved for that wiki, then any attempts to create subpages that have prefix "Wp/nrm/" will trigger codes from WikimediaIncubator.php (Ctrl+F search "wminc-error-wiki-exists" to find trigger conditions).
How about creating other Narom Wikimedia Projects? You can just find one of them below, those are no longer assigned to Norman.
Waiting for how many years to unlock creating of "Wp/nrm/" pages? You can read discussions in this gerrit patch if you're interested in it.
If I want to create Narom Wikipedia right now, then where to go? Don't worry. If you are a registered user, and have reasonable fluency in the language, you can ask one of our Incubator administrators on Incubator:Administrators' noticeboard and we will create a special, temporary language code for you to use.

See also: Meta-Wiki request. (rejected)

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