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Wah gwaan, people? Fi mi mission right ya now a fi buil' up di Patwa dictionary, Wikshianery. Mi neva start da projeck yah but true mi nuh see nuhbady a do nuttn wid i', mi decide fi come een an' see if mi can sort out di ting an' learn' likkle 'bout 'ow fi buil' up a wiki from scratch. Mi love mi dialect, but mi love English too. A feelin' jus' tek mi one day an' mi aks miself ef yuh coulda really mek a dictionary inna pure pure Patwa. Suh far it a gwaan.


Babel user information
en-N This user has a native understanding of English.
jam-N Dis ya (oo)man a chat Patwa from 'im bawn.
de-4 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf muttersprachlichem Niveau.
ro-3 Acest utilizator poate contribui cu un nivel avansat de română.
es-3 Esta persona tiene un conocimiento avanzado del español.
nl-2 Deze gebruiker heeft basiskennis van het Nederlands.
fr-2 Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances intermédiaires en français.
ru-2 Этот участник владеет русским языком на среднем уровне.
it-1 Questo utente può contribuire con un livello elementare in italiano.
el-1 Αυτός ο χρήστης μπορεί να συνεισφέρει σε βασικού επιπέδου Ελληνικά.
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Interwiki[edit | edit source]

* = (namespaces 2|3|4|5)

Wuk[edit | edit source]

Lates' change (Patwa)

Mi haffi

  • put on more Patwa word
  • mek an' keep up template an' module
  > Foundation template

Scrapbook[edit | edit source]

Brawta entry[edit | edit source]

{{Wt/jam/variety|jam|FORM_1|FORM_2|FORM_3|...}} <!-- diffrant variety a di same wud -->
{{Wt/jam/root}} <!-- root header -->
[[Image:PICTURE_FILE_NAME|thumb|DESCRIPTION]] <!-- picture -->
{{Wt/jam/root fram|jam|LANG_CODE|EXPRESSION|t=TRANSLATION}} <!-- weh di word come from? -->
{{Wt/jam/root jine|jam|WORD_1|WORD_2|WORD_3|...|t1=TRANSLATION_1|t2=TRANSLATION_2|t3=TRANSLATION_3|...}} <!-- nuff word jine up -->
{{Wt/jam/root name|jam|NAME_OR_DESCRIPTION}} <!-- who di expression name afta -->
}}</ref> <!-- cite di root dem -->
{{Wt/jam/sound}} <!-- sound header -->
{{Wt/jam/sound IPA|jam|IPA_1}} <!-- 'ow yuh seh di word? #1 -->
{{Wt/jam/sound IPA|jam|IPA_2}} <!-- 'ow yuh seh di word? #2 -->
{{Wt/jam/sound bruck|jam|BRUCK_UP_DI_WORD}} <!-- bruck up di word piece by piece -->
{{Wt/jam/sound clip|jam}} <!-- audio clip -->
{{Wt/jam/kind WORD_KIND|jam|lemma=...}} <!-- kind header, WORD_KIND: wah kinda word? adjective, noun, etc. Lemma nuh necessary but true a incubator, wi nuh waan Wt/jam in front a di wud -->
# Sentence inna Patwa fi explain wah di word mean.<ref>{{Wt/jam/cite
}}</ref> <!-- every definition haffi cite from supn weh naw guh disappear jus suh -->
{{Wt/jam/example|jam|One example sentence wid di {{Wt/jam/highlight|lemma}} highlight.}}
{{Wt/jam/example|jam|One nex' example sentence wid di {{Wt/jam/highlight|lemma}} highlight.}}
{{Wt/jam/like|jam|WORD_1|WORD_2|...}} <!-- adda word weh come een like di lemma: synonym -->
{{Wt/jam/opposite|jam|WORD_1|WORD_2|...}} <!-- opposite dem: antonym -->
{{Wt/jam/belong|jam|WORD_1|...}} <!-- which group di lemma belong to? hypernym -->
{{Wt/jam/typa|jam|WORD_1|WORD_2|...}} <!-- give example a tings weh belong to di lemma. hyponym / meronym -->
}} <!-- translation dem -->
{{Wt/jam/use|jam|Seh supn bout 'ow di expression fi use.}}
{{Wt/jam/family}} <!-- family header -->
* {{Wt/jam/l|jam|EXPRESSION_1}} <!-- adda word or expression weh come een like dis weh gat di same root -->
* {{Wt/jam/l|jam|EXPRESSION_2}}
{{Wt/jam/mention}} <!-- mention header -->
* {{Wt/jam/l|jam|EXPRESSION_1}} <!-- adda word or expression weh nuh gat di same root but haffi mention -->
* {{Wt/jam/l|jam|EXPRESSION_2}}
{{Wt/jam/proof}} <!-- proof header + drop een di reference dem -->

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