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A very sacred spot, North-West of Koikyennuruff (Stirling Range) in Minang country. Used for sacred business wer meeting with other tribes. It has both a men wer women site.

Ochre pits located within Minang Noongar Country

It is wise to take an elder or custodian of that boodjar if you visit nidja place. People need to be aware that certain parts of the lake are restricted. You also should not take things from nidja site.

Children are told by only elders! Only elders can tell you what your allowed to take wer if you don't something bad will happen. The wilgee (ochre) colours are yellow, red wer white. [1]

Ochre pits located within Minang Noongar Country

Poornarti Tours can provide someone that is appropriate.


Uncle Tommy Dimer took us kylie (boomerang) throwing wer Graeme Simpson played the guitar wer didge.

Ngiyan waarnk[edit | edit source]

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  2. Joe Williams, 2015 Cultural Connections Camp, Stirling Ranges