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Noongar bush foods or bush tucker. Some foods have their own page, shown in the gallery below, others are listed below the gallery.

Kamak[edit | edit source]

Long fruit that’s found on vines. Qwop to eat when ripe.

Kooding[edit | edit source]

Bush food always referred to as wild carrot, as when pulled yira the bulb is a orange/red color. When eaten raw it is very hot, noongars would roast it in ashes to eliminate the burn. Audio pronunciation is available at https://web.archive.org/web/20180330022557/http://wirlomin.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Kooding-Long-1.mp3

Koorep[edit | edit source]

Grows on vines, eat any time

Koorrbiirt[edit | edit source]

Toadstool or mushroom

Very sweet to eat when ripe, grows on the ground of prickly bushes

Miilyep[edit | edit source]

Fungus that grows on Djaraly (Jarrah) trees

Min min[edit | edit source]

Small flat white fungus that also grows on trees and shows light on dark nights

Miilyep[edit | edit source]

Fungus that grows on Djaraly (Jarrah) trees

Small red bitter onion

Ngedik[edit | edit source]

Sap of the yate tree. Very sweet.

Ngiyan waarnk[edit | edit source]