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We as people from East Frisia need our own Wikipedia. Here is why:

Argument 1: The East-Frisian language is a standardized language with it’s own spelling, dictionary and detailed grammar book.
Argument 2: There is a living East-Frisian literature in which standard East-Frisian is used.
Argument 3: The East-Frisian standard language is taught in schools. Not just as a school subject, but also in immersion schools.
Argument 4: When East-Frisian is used in Low German language projects (like Wikipedia), it’s grammar and words are changed artificially in order to transform it into a Low German dialect.
Argument 5: The Frisians are a recognized ethnic minority in Germany and The Netherlands. The name of the language (Low German/Niederdeutsch/Plattdeutsch) is historically wrong. The Frisians are neither German (Germany) nor Dutch (The Netherlands). They are an indigenous people living in two states. The term used in East Frisia is "Oostfreeske Taal" or "Oostfreeske Platt" while "Oostfreeske Platt" means "East Frisian wich is easy to understand" in East Frisian.
Argument 6: The origin of the East-Frisian language is Frisian (like West-Frisian, Sater-Frisian and North-Frisian). The originally Frisian was mixed with German and Low German, still, East-Frisian remained it’s a huge part of it’s Frisian character.
Argument 7: We want a modern East-Frisian language in which new words can be embedded. We want our language to remain Frisian and be more Frisian in the future