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Apam thioge ee ken raan cɔl Machiek Machiek Akuocpiir. Yen egɔt këp,tuär, ku diët në Dinglith ku Thuɔŋjäŋ aya. Yen ee raan welwäric cigɔt tene English lɔ Thuɔŋjäŋ ku Thuɔjäŋ lɔ tine English. Akuën Panpiocdit në Computer Science ku Software Engineering Pabak Apirika. Anyic Thuɔŋjäŋ ku Diŋlith apath. Yin alëu ba tuër, këp, ku diët ke neem në abääŋe paithbookic teen; See English; This page is Machiek Machiek Akuocpiir's. He writes rap, poetry, and songs in English and Thuɔŋjaŋ Languages. He is a translator of the works written in English to Thuɔŋjaŋ and from Thuɔŋjaŋ to English. He studies Computer Science and Software Engineering at the university in East Africa. He is fluent in en-5 English and Thuɔŋjaŋ (native). Please note that this is neither a resume nor an advertisement.

Nemrodt Kashta is an emerging and awoken South Sudanese; rapper, poet, lyricist, & philosopher of the 21st century. He philosophizes in his free time. Below is his detailed biography that is updatable as the time passes by.

Machiek Machiek Akuocpiir Cayier: born in the safe haven; amidst the "Second Sudanese Civil War". It was in 1993 that, Jago's grandmother and the aunts traveled from Guongayool, Yirol East to Hoor Machiek Amuong, near Mapuordit, Yirol West.

Two months before he was born; they were informed from the far East of Yirol, that the time of the birth was already approaching in the winter.

This was the wish his close relatives have held for some longer time. With all the preparations they had done for the reception of the child who happened to be, Machiek Machiek Akuocpiir Cayier.

During this moment, the child who later was renamed Jago, three days after he was born, by a family friend; after his father; a chief of the village whose name was called, Jaago Akook, in North-Eastern part of Western Equatoria, South Sudan.

He was also named Machuei Ayen Tokmach Kuer, by his grandmother, Nyikok Mathieng, step grandmother Aledi Manyiel and his mother, Ayen Tokmach.

The name, Machuei was derived from a tree known as "Chuei" by the Jieng people. It was a sacred tree at his Mother's homestead.

The father of the child was a military strategist known as Machiek Akuocpiir Cayier Dhaal, who lived most of his life in the front line, fighting for the liberation; of the people in the Sudan, since 1983, when the Civil War broke out in the country between the ruling party NCP (National Congress Party) and the rebel movement SPLA/M ( Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movement). In which the CPA (Comprehensive Peace Agreement) peace (treaty) was later reached in Naivasha, Nairobi Kenya, on 9th January 2005.

The locality where the boy was born, which was popularly known by the migrants as Hoor Machiek Amuong, was one of the safe havens in a country devastated by the longest civil war in Africa.

Jago's grandmother, Nyikok Mathieng Luony, mother Ayen Tokmach Kuer, and all the other family members later recounted that " it was the safest place we stayed in those hard days."

On December 30th, 1993, Jago was then born; a moment that became part of blessing to the family, since they expected a baby boy. And all the family was filled with happiness after his birth.

The civil war in the country continued all that long. And the family in which Jago Machiek was raised in with his siblings, was part of the extended families of Pakol of Kuanydit and Nam of Kuanythii.

The hurdles of life were not avoidable, but the family was fairly wealthy of cattle and vast lands for carrying out farming activities.

This kept everyone supported and existed despite the graving government strategies, which was aiming to marginalize the native Sudanese Nationals, mainly the Southerners.

Despite the hardest times; Jago was raised a humble boy. He was educated by his grandmother Nyikok Mathieng Luony Dak, whose father was a Nuer from Bentiu and mother a Jaang from Agok of Kuanydit, in the community of Koclou in Yirol East.

Aneekthieec, traditionally (orally) trained Jaago, since he was 3 years old, until the age of 8; on the basis and principles of the oriental African traditional philosophy of life ( in this context, Muonyjang philosophy of personhood).

On 25th December, 2001, in the village of Guongayool where he was raised, his cousin sister, Nyanangeec Dhuor Machar Kuer, who worked at the Protestant Church, that was established under a tree known by the Jieng people as Abeel; took him to the church for baptism. The first time for Jaago to be at what is referred to as a "church".

The choirs were asked to choose names for the kids who were taken to be baptized, his cousin chose the name "Abraham", and the Priest who headed the Christmas Mass baptized him with that name.

Years later, specifically, Jago discovered that "Abraham" was a name given to his father at a young age, but declined to use it by the time he was 14 years, following the death of his mother; Ayor Chagai Dierpiny.

Machiek Machiek was later schooled in 2002, at the age of 9; first in a missionary school called Mapuordit Comboni Primary School, managed by the Italian missionaries who established it in 1993, in Mapuordit, the year Jago was born. He was given an option to choose one of the names for him to be registered in school; among these names, he chose "Machiek", meaning the "The Gift of God". The other names were; "Machuei", "Jaago", & "Makuei"; all those were distinct names given to him. The first three names; "Machuei", "Jaago", & "Machiek" were subsequently given to him at birth. Where as "Makuei" became a later name when he was about 3 or 4 years. It was later used when he was 15 years after his initiation to manhood. The name "Makuei" was given to him by his paternal uncle, Kot Akuocpiir Cayier Dhaal, An elder brother to his father, Machiek Akuocpiir Cayier Dhaal, Sr. And also his maternal uncle, Mabor Tokmach Kuer Dhuor, who was instrumental in raising him.

He then transferred to Yirol, a capital of greater Yirol when the family moved back in 2004. Where he later studied with his siblings from the age of 11, at the Holy Cross Comboni Primary School.

In March 2005, Jaago left Yirol for Rumbek with his aunt¸ Akum Tokmach· This was after his father revisited the family in Yirol, in December 2004¸ prior to the last signing of a Sudanese peace treaty on 9 January 2005. Jaago's visit to Rumbek for the first time was due to health issues that he faced since he was 6 years.

His father wanted him to go for treatment in the state capital. Jaago suffered from ´´acute pulmonary edema and excessive nose bleeding´´ at a younger age. And his father who was then, one of the commanders of the Sudan People´s Liberation Army/Movement by that time thought that there would be better medical services at Rumbek hospital compared to Yirol hospital. This was not the case when Jago stayed in Rumbek, for a full month of April 2005.

He visited the two hospitals in the state capital with his aunt¸ but they found the same services that never solved the issues of ´´pulmonary edema and nose bleeding.´´

In May the same year¸ Jaago wanted to move back to Yirol for studies¸ but his aunt Akum Tokmach couldn´t let him return alone. She was on a journey heading to Wau¸ the capital of Bhar el Ghazal. In order to visit her brother Kuer Tokmach¸ who for a very long time¸ remained in the North as a result of the war outbreak in Sudan in the 1980s. Jaago met another aunt named Yom Tokmach¸ who came to Rumbek from Cueibeet¸ on her way to Yirol.

This moment, Jaago asked his younger aunt Akum to let him go to Yirol together with Yom¸ but she refused. For she so much worried about the safety on the way back to Yirol.

This time¸ the 12 years old boy had no other options but only to travel to Wau with his aunt. In the same month of May¸ the aunt got the money to pay for the car tickets to Wau. They left Rumbek in the midst of the month. But they suffered for 5 days on the way.

When they left Rumbek¸ for Cueibeet¸ the journey was not too bad since they didn´t know that the car they were traveling with, had issues. The evening they arrived in Cueibet¸ the wheel bursted and everyone slept there that night. As the mechanics worked on it. The following morning, they left Cueibet, hoping to take the Tonj route to Wau¸ which was the shortest. Unfortunately, they took the Thieet route¸ situated to the North-Eastern part of Tonj. When they arrived in Thieet that day, the car got stuck again and there was only one place to repair it. This was the garage of the commissioner's son, (known as mapatic) by locals.

They paid him for his tools and in the following day in the evening, everyone was ready to continue with the journey, however, the drunkard was disturbing, he interrupted people demanding that he wasn't paid for his tools. Whenever the driver starts the car, he runs to the middle of the road and laid himself there demanding to be killed. When asked why he was doing this; he said that ´´he wasn't paid." This continued for about 30 minutes until the accident occurred. Some people held him down so that the car would go¸ but they would leave him before the car accelerates any further.

The driver was a retired soldier of the First Sudanese Civil War. He had the eyesight issues since it was already dusk. When he saw the drunkard who laid himself in the middle of the road, he turned the car leftwards not knowing that there was a hole.

Everyone badly landed into the hole but the safe thing was, it was an open car, everyone landed on the ground safely because the car was not on high speed.

After the accident occurred, the drunkard was reported to the police and later he was jailed. His father sent the truck that was used to pull out the car from the hole. That evening passed, which marked the two days Jaago, his aunt and all the people traveling with them, spent in Thieet.

The following morning, they departed from Thieet, heading to Yinhekuel, in the Nort-West, unfortunately, not so many passengers in that car knew about a man with his fiancée, who hired the car from Rumbek to the village of Yinhekuel. After the realization of this by the people who were traveling to Wau, they demanded a payback of the half of ticket fees, since there was no a direct road to Wau, from Thieet. Hence, the driver had to comply with their demand. Then they departed from each other, those who hired the car continued, whereas the rest took another path heading to Wau.

Two days later, they arrived in Heella Mahuzzibbeen, Wau, where they met his uncle for the first time since the outbreak of the Civil War that separated the families for decades in Sudan.

In Wau, they spent two months and by the end of the third month of their stay, which was July 2005, They heard of the death of Dr. John Garang de Mabior, who led the war of liberation for two decades. However, a month later, Jago, his aunt, Akum Tokmach and uncle Kuer Tokmach, all traveled to Khartoum by aeroplane. The purpose of him being taken to Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, was to seek proper medication concerning his condition of "acute pulmonary edema and excessive nose bleeding"; which made him suffer at an early age. After five months of stay, Jaago left with his aunt to Khosti by bus. A town along the Nile River in Central Sudan.

They were escorted by his uncle. A long journey of 12 hours, from Central Khartoum in the far North, to Khosti in Central Sudan. During this journey, Jaago with his aunt and the uncle survived an accident in which the bus caught fire after collision with a van that tried to overtake the bus. After a brief investigation, it was found out that, the driver fell asleep and he didn't notice that there was a van trying to bypass him on the highway. This occurred in the middle of Sahara (desert), a 6 hours distant away from the capital city, Khartoum. They managed to buy another ticket for a bus that found them on the road and proceeded to Khosti.

In this period, the Southern Sudanese were returning to their homes in the South, after many decades of suffering in the hands of the government.

Jago stayed in Khosti, where he spent Christmas, with his aunt, Akum. In the last half of December 2005, Thousands of people were stationed at the port of Khosti, waiting for the ships that would bring them back to South Sudan. This took a full month there. Early in February 2006, Jago, his aunt and the thousands of people coming to Yirol, Malakal, and Juba; got the chance for the ships which would later take them to port of Shambe along the Nile in the South Central Sudan.

Luckily, three days after they left khosti and Malakal, hundreds of people in the ship with Jaago and his aunt; survived another hurdle, a shipwreck/capsizing. And in four days after that survival, they safely reached Shambe.

This marked his longtime travel which took completely a year to return to Guongayool, then later Yirol, the towns were he grew up from. All that was during the age of 12.

Years later, Jago Machiek became a prodigy poet. He started composing poetry, three years after the first time he was schooled in 2002. Jago wrote at the age of 13 in the year 2006, until 17, in 2010. Through all that long, as he was studying at the Catholic-sponsored schools, he went by the name Abraham Machiek Machiek. After he underwent Catechesis training and conversion, Machiek was fully confirmed as a Catholic Christian on 15th, July 2007, at the Catholic Church of Yirol.

On 15 Nov, 2008, Machiek Machiek was traditionally initiated to adulthood in the context of "Muonyjang tradition of the rite of passage" at the age of 15, in Nyang, Yirol East County. This involves shaving off the hair from the head, putting on the "Guenjaang" on the neck, and carrying a fighting staff by the hand. Then it also involves running to compete with the peers in the regiment in a given distance from Nyang (Head Quarters) to Lekakedu (Payam) and he appeared in the 6th position of the last round of the marathon of the 38 young men. Machiek joined the initiation with his cousins of Pakol clan of Kuanydit to Agook clan of the same community, when the spear master known as Cuiir Puol of Pakol clan refused his regiment to be initiated to adulthood, for he believed to have grown into a man. This time he was officially known as Makuei Machiek in his clan.

However, in 2010, Jaago did not complete primary school from Holy Cross in Yirol. His mother wanted him to relocate to Kampala Uganda, to carry on studies. Jaago declined going back to grade 7, the final class of primary education in Uganda, since he had successfully completed it in 2010, in Yirol, South Sudan.

In 2011, Machiek moved to Kampala Uganda with some of his relatives and siblings, where he attended high school at Midland High School in Kawempe, Kampala. This time, he dropped the Christian name; "Abraham".

The following year, Jaago changed the school in 2012 and joined Emma High School in Kikaya, Kampala, where he studied for O-level until the end of 2013.

The reason that led him to change the school was that there was no freedom granted to students in Midland, an Adventist regulated school.

In 2014, Jaago Machiek Jr remained in South Sudan; after another civil war broke out in the country on December 15, 2013.

Just two days after he left Kampala for Juba; to spend Christmas with his family.

This conflict emerged in the first 5 years of independence of South Sudan. Six days after the conflict, Jago traveled by aeroplane to Rumbek, Lakes State and then, after another three days, he moved to his hometown Yirol, by car, where he'd spent Christmas and new year with his family. He stayed in Yirol for two months and then decided to move back to Juba, by car again, in March 2014.

In the midst of April, the same year, he joined the national school where he graduated from, 9 months later.

By this time, unlike his teenage years in which he stopped writing poetry and lyrics for about four years, prior to the lost of his early work, Jago Machiek, Jr. resumed writing at the age of 22, in 2015, a year after he completed high school at Dr. John Garang Memorial National Secondary School, in Juba. Which was established in honor of the leader of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army/Movement.

Jago Machiek, Jr. continued his pursuits as a poet and technologist.

In 2016, following the signing of the peace deal between the mainstream rebels who caused the Civil War, just 5 years after independence.

Machiek Machiek, had the chance to apply for the general intakes to the public universities in the country.

His first attempt to apply was in the mid of April 2016, however, he, unfortunately, was not admitted because he chose to apply to only one University, which was the University of Juba.

The first public university that was established in the country in the 70s, after the early struggles of the Anya Nya One, in the First Sudanese Civil War.

The policy of the ministry of higher education was that, in order for one to be admitted, you have to choose at least three universities out of 5 public universities. Jaago disobeyed that part of the policy.

Four months later, in the midst of August 2016; the second intake came out and those who were either not admitted or didn't apply in the first are given another chance to apply again. This time, he was keen.

But there was an interruption or chaos that cropped up in the capital city before that, in July 2016, when another battle was fought between the rebels or opposition and the government. This started on the 6th of July until the 11th. By that time, everything was distorted in the capital city and months or years later, the whole country fell into chaos.

On 23rd of August, a week after he applied for university admission, his elder sister, Yier Machiek, came from Yirol, Lakes State, to Juba. And on 25th, they left Juba for Kampala. leaving his elder brother, Akuocpiir Machiek and the rest of the relatives in Juba.

This moment, his sister wanted him to study in Kampala, Uganda. Unfortunately, it didn't happen because of the hardships being faced at that moment.

His sister left Kampala after a month of staying and accomplishing the verification of her academic documents which she went for.

Jago Machiek, Jr. had to remain in Kampala where he spent Christmas and the new year at Ayen Mabor Achol Kuer's home in Muyenga , Kampala.

In January 2017, he wanted to go back to Juba, but his mother, sister, and brother refused. Insisting that it wasn't safe for him to be there.

All that communication was on phone between September 2016 and January 2017; following his admission to University of Juba, where he was accepted in September the same year, to study for a diploma in Computer Science at the College of Computer Science and Information Technology, which he was supposed to complete by the end of 2019. However, Jaago's sister suggested that he should immigrate to Australia, in order to pursue the higher education studies there. But all that attempt never occurred after the Australian Prime Minister changed the immigration policies early in April 2017.

Despite that, he went to Juba on May 20th, 2017, upon his return to Juba, he joined the University of Juba on 16th June, the same academic year after having missed the first semester which began in January to May 2017.

Machiek had to commit himself to studies since he was going to do two exams as required by the administration by the end of the year.

Alongside his pursuit of computing, he enrolled in another university, known as South Sudan Christian University of Science and Technology, where he briefly studied philosophy. A program that would have allowed him to earn a bachelor of arts with honors by 2021.

A contrary decision came up with his mother, sister, and brother again. This was just a month after he completed his first year of studies from the two universities. They asked him to go back to Kampala, Uganda, to enroll in any university regarded as the best.

However, he was opposed to this suggestion, since it was going to impede his progress on programs he was already pursuing. But they tried to convince him that, the education in South Sudan was too screwed for him to benefit from on his studies. Having been convinced on such a note, he accepted their decision and left Juba for Kampala on the 3rd of December, 2017.

Immediately, in January 2018, he joined one of the best private universities in Uganda, the International University of East Africa. Where he was required to do an International Foundation Program since he completed high school from his country in 2014, where there wasn't A-level as part of the system of secondary education.

Without, any other option, Jaago did the course for 7 months, and in August 2018, he enrolled for the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering at the Faculty of Science and Technology at the International University of East Africa.

In 2018, at 25 years, Jaago took the stage name; Nemrodt Kashta (meaning; "The Conscious Kushite") and therefore, he transitioned to a rapper and a complete philosopher, alongside his specializations in computing and software engineering.

Being born in the hardest period, 10 years after the Second Civil War started in 1983 and grew up in the same situation in which most of the people, whether children or adults experienced in their lifetimes.

He still holds greater dreams for the future of his family legacy as the warriors and the defenders of their heritage and his country, a nation founded on bloodshed and sacrifices of the millions of people.

Jaago, a philosopher of the future according to his idealism, inhibits the will to power as part of the philosophic influences he encountered from the works of the 19th-century German Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche.

At the age of 21, the last year of his high school studies, Jaago Machiek, Jr. became exposed to the world of philosophy. This changed his life and how he looks at the world; "beyond good and evil", as Nietzsche puts it.

In 2019, between June and August, Machiek-Machiek had suffered from depression in Kampala Uganda, where he was studying at the International University of East Africa.

Following the death of his aunt, Akum Tokmach Kuer on 23rd June 2019, a few days after he left Yirol to Juba, towards the end of his vacation.

He traveled with his mother, Ayen Tokmach Kuer, on 23rd August 2019; to Nairobi Kenya to seek for treatment from Nairobi Hospital.

Where he was diagnosed with "Affective disorders" such as extreme depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety by a Psychiatrist whom he visited at Nairobi Hospital in Kenya.

Machiek lived in Kenya for 2 months from September to October 2019 as he was under treatment. He moved back to his country, South Sudan at the end of October with his mother. Where they spent the remaining months of November and December 2019. They spent Christmas there in Yirol, South Sudan and then he traveled back to Juba from Yirol in January 2020.

He, therefore, proceeded to Nairobi Kenya, in January the same year after registering at the International University of East Africa for his second year of studies for a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. And returned to Kampala in the same month.

Nemrodt Kashta, discovered his ability to make music through the hip hop genre in 2018. He still continues to record his songs in 2020.

On 20th March, 2020, Machiek Machiek traveled back to South Sudan after the announcement of the closure of schools, universities and public institutions by the Uganda President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Following the global outbreak of the Corona virus (disease) or pandemic as such; which has caused the global health crisis. Machiek left International University of East Africa on 19th March 2020 immediately after the closure and moved to Juba South Sudan. He further traveled to his hometown, Yirol on 25th March, 2020 to spend the remaining days until the university reopens.

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