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This category includes languages contained within the collection of languages known as the Nahuatl languages, ISO code nah. Unlike Spanish, English or Japanese, there is no single "Nahuatl language". Rather, what are described as "the Nahuatl languages" are a collection of related languages spoken in Mexico and Central America.

The Nahuatl languages consist of more than only Classical Nahuatl. Classical Nahuatl, ISO code nci, which was spoken and written in Spanish colonial period, is now extinct as a spoken language. Although there are no longer native speakers, there is an extensive existing literature written in Classical Nahuatl.

Modern Nahuatl languages (by some opinions, dialects) are living languages that are in some cases in the process of disappearing. The group working here in Incubator wants to make living Nahuatl languages known and available to all persons. This group does not feel that the existing Nahuatl Wikipedia (Huiquipedia) accomplishes this objective, as it is written in a combination of Classical and living Nahuatl languages using a standard orthography not necessarily correct in all Nahuatl dialects.

Nahuatl languages in Incubator[edit | edit source]

Nahuatl languages

Code (nah)

Number of articles

Central Nahuatl nhn 233
Central Huasteca Nahuatl nch 198
Pipil (Nawat) Wikinews ppl 149
Pipil (Nawat) Wikipedia ppl 259
Classical Nahuatl nci 55
Northern Puebla Nahuatl ncj 14
Guerrero Nahuatl ngu 8
Orizaba Nahuatl nlv 4
Michoacán Nahuatl ncl 4
Central Puebla Nahuatl ncx (no test)
Coatepec Nahuatl naz (no test)
Durango Nahuatl nln (no test)
Eastern Huasteca Nahuatl nhe (no test)
Highland Puebla Nahuatl azz (no test)
Huaxcaleca Nahuatl nhq (no test)
Isthmus-Cosoleacaque Nahuatl nhk (no test)
Isthmus-Mecayapan Nahuatl nhx (no test)
Isthmus-Pajapan Nahuatl nhp (no test)
Morelos Nahuatl nhm (no test)
Northern Oaxaca Nahuatl nhy (no test)
Ometepec Nahuatl nht (no test)
Santa María la Alta Nahuatl nhz (no test)
Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl npl (no test)
Tabasco Nahuatl nhc (no test)
Temascaltepec Nahuatl nhv (no test)
Tenango Nahuatl nhi (no test)
Tetelcingo Nahuatl nhq (no test)
Tlamacazapa Nahuatl nuz (no test)
Western Huasteca Nahuatl nhw (no test)
Sierra Negra Nahuatl nsu (no test)
Pochutec xpo (no test)