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ꠜꠦꠘꠦꠎꠥꠄꠟꠣ знаходиться в Південній Америці, на березі Карибського моря. Країна відома найвищим водоспадом у світі — водоспад Анхель (Kerepakupai Vená), має висоту 1054 м і є однією з головних туристичних пам'яток Венесуели.

Коротко про Венесуелу

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Map of ꠜꠦꠘꠦꠎꠥꠄꠟꠣ
Map of ꠜꠦꠘꠦꠎꠥꠄꠟꠣ

Mountainous and picturesque, this region is made up of the states of Mérida, Táchira and Trujillo
  Caribbean Islands
With more than 600 islands or smaller formations, many of the best beaches can be found here
The most populous part of Venezuela enjoys great beaches and big cities, from Caracas and the nearby commuter towns in Miranda and Vargas out to the states of Aragua and Carabobo
The immense and largely uninhabited area south of the Orinoco River, which makes up around half of Venezuela's national territory, includes rainforest in Amazonas, table-top mountains in the Gran Sabana and Bolívar state, and the flat marshlands extending out in the Orinoco Delta
  Los Llanos
Vast open plains, home to cattle-ranching and amazing wildlife, make up of the states of Apure, Barinas, Cojedes, Guárico and Portuguesa
Stunning deserted beaches in Anzoátegui and Sucre, as well as hills and caves in Monagas state
Rich with oil from Zulia state, the Northwest also boasts more beaches in Falcón state and a lush agricultural countryside in Yaracuy and Lara states.

Although the Guayana Esequiba region is claimed by Venezuela, from a traveler's perspective, Essequibo is under the control of Guyana and, therefore, we cover the region as part of Guyana. This is not an endorsement of claims by any side in the dispute.


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