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ꠅꠍ꠆ꠔꠥꠞꠤꠀꠍ ( ꠅꠍ꠆ꠔꠥꠞꠤ ꠝꠣꠔꠖꠤ ꠪ Asturies або офіційно ꠅꠍ꠆ꠔꠥꠞꠤ ꠝꠣꠔꠖꠤ ꠪ Principáu d'Asturiesꠁꠍ꠆ꠙꠦꠘꠤ ꠝꠣꠔꠖꠤ ꠪ Asturias ꠘꠣꠄ ꠅꠚꠤꠡꠤꠀꠟꠤ ꠁꠍ꠆ꠙꠦꠘꠤ ꠝꠣꠔꠖꠤ ꠪ Principado de Asturias ) — ꠁꠍ꠆ꠙꠦꠁꠘꠞ 17 ꠐꠣ ꠘꠤꠎꠅꠗꠤꠘ ꠉꠥꠡ꠆ꠐꠤꠘ꠆ꠔꠞ ꠄꠉꠥ ⁕ ꠁꠐꠣ ꠀꠐꠟꠣꠘ꠆ꠐꠤꠇ ꠝꠢꠣꠡꠣꠉꠞꠞ ꠃꠙꠇꠥꠟꠞ ꠁꠍ꠆ꠙꠦꠁꠘꠞ ꠃꠔ꠆ꠞꠦ ꠙꠞꠍꠦ ⁕ ꠡꠞꠇꠣꠞꠤ ꠜꠣꠡꠣ ꠁꠍ꠆ꠙꠦꠘꠤꠡ ⁕ ꠅꠍ꠆ꠔꠥꠞꠤꠀꠍ ꠄꠉꠥ ꠛꠤꠡꠦꠡ ꠜꠣꠡꠣ ꠅꠁꠟꠦꠅ ꠅꠚꠤꠡꠤꠀꠟ ꠜꠣꠡꠣ ꠘꠣꠄ ⁕

ꠙꠣꠇꠣꠘꠤꠞ ꠎꠦꠉꠣꠁꠘ

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Map of ꠅꠍ꠆ꠔꠥꠞꠤꠀꠍ
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ꠇꠤꠟꠣꠘ ꠎꠣꠁꠔꠣ

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ꠅꠛꠎꠦꠖꠥ ꠅꠁꠟꠉꠤ ꠅꠍ꠆ꠔꠥꠞꠤꠀꠍꠞ ꠄꠇꠝꠣꠔ꠆ꠞꠅ ꠄꠉꠥ ꠁꠀꠞꠙꠥꠐ ⁕


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  • ꠀꠟꠍꠣ buses from Madrid take 5 hours to Oviedo.
  • here you can see the buses from French cities to Oviedo. If you want to travel to Asturias through/from France, you can catch the bus in big cities near the Spanish border, such as Toulouse, Bordeaux or Marseille.


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ꠞꠦꠘꠚꠦ trains run from Madrid via Segovia, Valladolid and Leon to Oviedo and Gijón.

ꠀꠞꠅ ꠖꠦꠈꠂꠘ

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ꠞꠥꠝꠣꠘꠤ ꠛꠤꠞꠤꠏ ꠇꠘꠉꠣꠍ ꠖꠤ ꠅꠘꠤꠍ
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