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The Polabian Wikipedia was born because I want to revive a language. The Polabian language was spoken in Germany until the 18th century. The main distribution area was in eastern Germany, from Eastern Holstein via Mecklenburg and Pomerania to northern Brandenburg. Here it borders the Sorbian. In the east the language met Kashubian, Pomoran and Polish, in the west to Old Saxon. Polabian is a Slavic language and is very closely related to Polish and Czech. Although the language became extinct, I tried to reconstruct the grammar and vocabulary of the language with books and websites. If they do not understand this language, it should be normal, because apart from a few scientists, special people and interested people (like me), no one knows more.

Therefore, I will translate all articles both in German and in English, to bring this language to the inexperienced.

I hope that Polabian, the language of the Elbe Slavs/Wends will one day be spoken again (perhaps as a modernized "artificial language") to revive the old Slavic traditions.

I hope you participate in this Wikipedia, good cooperation! Cjol!

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