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Welcome to wiktionary Masry this page is written in English to give some information on this wiktionary to non-Masry speakers wiktionary Masry Masry is a project to create a free, reliable ,open-content and complete dictionary of words in Masry which is the language spoken by millions in Egypt, the purpose is to spread the knowledge in terms and expressions familiar to the target readers.

The language[edit | edit source]

Masry , Masri or Egyptian Arabic as a language is spoken by more than 70 million people in Egypt and other countries, it has ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-3 Codes which is arz , wiktionary Masry is aiming at providing the information to speakers of this language in a similar way they write it.

Masry developed from the merger of many languages used in Egypt over the many centuries ,including but not exclusive, Egyptian, Coptic, Greek, Italian, Turkish and Arabic languages.

Masri is different enough to be considered a language of its own, it has different vocabulary, different grammar , Masri is understood well by many non-Egyptians making the benefits of having wikitinary Masry extend beyond the suggested number ,yet still benefit the readers, who use terms that relate to their day to day life , not to classical literature that is used by academics only.

Masry is taught as a language and software for it has been developed [1].

Start of wikitinary Masry[edit | edit source]

Proposal for wiktionary Masri was put on Meta on 24 May 2008, and the project started on the same day . It has been progressing since then and awaiting formal approval by the languages committee.

Rules of writing[edit | edit source]

There is a page on How to write on wikipedia Masry, that page is written in Masry , aiming that anyone who can read Egyptian Arabic will have some guidelines on how to write, and for the time-being will be used as a guide to write on wikitinary Masry.

The way used in Cairo to write Masry is the most prestigious form to write Masry [2] yet, discussion of these rules is always open and subject to the approval of the community any viable idea is welcomed , please feel free to put your opinion on the related discussion page.

A suggestion was made as early as 1948 to write Masry in Latin alphabet therefore , although not favoured by the majority, there is some articles written in Masry using Latin alphabet.

The majority of articles are written using the modified Arabic alphabet mentioned in the aforementioned page , yet writing in Latin alphabet is not forbidden by any means. The aim is to reach the best way to go forward and not to discourage any new editor.

Once again welcome to wiktionary Masry

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