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Tom Bennell yarn Waagarl Nyungar koorlongka warra wirnitj warbaniny, the Waakal; Boorda noonook mighty minditch wer wirnitj. Nitcha barlup Waakal marbukal nyininy Nyungar boodjar. Nyungar wangka barl waarkal kierp wirnitj. Noonook barminyiny waakal ngulla kierp uart, Barl nyinniny Mindjarliny, Nyungar wangka Minjarliny, noonook Minjarliny koorl nyinininy, Nyungar wam, Waakal carrungupiny, nitja Mindaring. Mulgariny Waarkal koorliny noonar mar yirawal billariny [1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Tom Bennell, Oral Interview, 1978, Tape 2 of 2, Side B. The recording is held at the Battye Library as OH356. A partial transcript, produced in 2002, is available but it should be noted that the transcript covers only the segments that were of relevance to work being done at that time.