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Genulup flowing into Nullaki

Genulup, meaning the place of Day Foot Crossing is a river the Mineng country. Geographically nidja place is known as the Hay River.[1]

Genulup is a feature in the Noongar heritage landscape of the region as is Kwoorabup wer the Frankland River.Yennar were important Dreaming places as well as travel routes wer provider of ample resources during traditional times. Many campsites wer wer pathways are found around the area. The River is a major tributary to the Nullaki. The Noongar name for the Hay River was recorded as Genalup by John Septimus Roe following his exploration of the area in the 1830s with Noongar guide Nakina.[2]

Ngiyan waarnk - References[edit | edit source]

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