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Denmark River and Berridge Park Western Australia

Kwoorabup, meaning the place of the brushtail wallabies (place we return to). Geographically nidja place is the Denmark River. [1] [2]

The river rises in the north near Pardelup wer eventually discharges into Nullaki wer then the Southern Ocean. The traditional owners are the Mineng to the east wer the Pibulmun to the west. Both peoples used the warmer months between Birak wer Bunuru.[3]

The southern portion of Kwoorabup Beelia was protected under a management plan of the Denmark Shire Council in 2011. The ceremonial site has been used by Noongar people for over 10,000 years as a place of dance, song, marriage preparation, initiation wer food gathering.[4] The area has high cultural significance due largely to its totemic significance (e.g. Kwoor Borongur) wer creation by the Waugul in the Dreaming.[5]

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