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Lake Ewarlamartup






Lake Ewlyamartup is a salt lake 17 km East of Katanning in the Great Southern.[1] It is near the source of the Coblinine River.[2]

Kura Waarnk - History Talk[edit | edit source]

Ewlyamartup Dumbleyung is linked to the story of Mulka and his demise. It is believed that the name Ewlyamartup means place of the leg that came to this place or where Mulkas leg was placed after he was killed for his crimes at Dumbelyung. Lake Ewlyamartup: EWLYA – come here – UP. Mart means leg, Up means place of. One can now interpreting the meaning of the place name Ewlyamartup as the place of the (leg which has moved or come to or move to this place.

Ewarlamartup Plaque

Yeye Waarnk - Recent Talk[edit | edit source]

Noongar Statue at Lake Ewarlamartup

At Ewlyamartup a statue was erected after consulting with senior spokespeople of the local Noongar community, to honour the cultural, historical and contemporary history of the site, which is a place for families.[3][4]

Noongar Statue at Lake Ewarlamartup

Ngiyan waarnk - References[edit | edit source]

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