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Derbal Yiragan can be interpreted as the estuary that starts from above and comes down onto me. It is the place name and describes the estuary at the front or southern side of the City of Perth, the body of water that was created by the Waakal (water snake) that made the beeliar or Swan River waterways. For Nyungar people, the Waakal or the water snake or Rainbow Serpent the creator of all things and embodies Nyungar culture theory and laws. Because the Waakal lives in Derbal Yiragan there are many kaarnya or protocols about accessing the water. Naturally, Nyungar people respect these kaarnya principles as Derbal Yiragan is an important living site. It still is a food source that offers a wide variety of dartj and meriny for example reptiles in addition to birds, eggs, frogs, fish, tortoise, marron, gilgee and coonac that can be caught by hand, netting or gidgeeing in english spearing. Nyungar people continue to use the Derbal Yiragan for sustenance, katitjiny or knowledge, weirn and spiritual renewal and to practise culture.

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