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Is the Noongar word for 'river' or 'stream' but also a suburb in Perth.[1] Noongar people believe that the spirit of the Waugal (Rainbow Serpent) moves within these rivers.

title Noongar of Beeliar - Swan River

Wp/nys/Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River)[edit]

Wp/nys/Djarlgarro Beelier (Canning River)[edit]

Murray river[edit]

Scarp Pool[edit]

Blackwood river[edit]

Beeliar - Suburb[edit]

Beeliar is a Perth suburb. 'Beeliar' is the Noongar name for the southern metropolitan region of Perth. RM Lyon recorded the name in 1833, referring to it as 'the district of Midjegoorong (or Midgegooroo)' (an Aboriginal leader)[2]

'Beeliar' means the run of water il a westerly direction by or through that place.[3]

Ngiyan waarnk - References[edit]

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