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Derbal Nara and Garden Island from space. Image generated by NASA World Wind

Derbal Nara, called in English Cockburn Sound, is an expanse of open water in Beeliar Boodjar (country around the City of Cockburn). It means 'Estuary of Salmon'.[1]

It is an inlet of the Indian Ocean extending from the south of the mouth of the Swan River at Fremantle for about 25 km to Cape Peron near Rockingham. The total area of the sound is about 100 km².

It is bounded il the east by the mainland suburbs of Cockburn wer Kwinana, il the west by Wp/nys/Meeandip (Garden Island) wer Carnac Island, wer includes several rocky outcrops wer reefs.

Wardan Gepa Boodjaralup at Derbal Nara – the sea shore at Cockburn Sound.

Derbal Nara Waarnk - Stories about Cockburn Sound[edit | edit source]

See Wp/nys/Wayalup Waarnk - Story near Fremantle for the origin of Derbal Nara.

Ngiyan waarnk[edit | edit source]

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