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Welcome to the Nganasan language Wikipedia.

Nganasan language (formerly called , tavgiysky, or tavgiysko-samoyedsky in Russian; from the ethnonym, tavgi) is a language of the Nganasan people. It was spoken by 1,063 (1989 est.) and by 750 people (1970 est.) in the southwestern and central parts of the Taymyr Peninsula. The Nganasan language belongs to the northern Samoyedic languages and Samoyedic group of the Uralic languages. There are two main dialects in the Nganasan language: the Avam dialect avamsky govor) and the Vadeyev dialect vadeyevsky govor). Phonetic features of the Nganasan language include eight vowels, two so called diphthongoids (with the status of diphthongs, i.e. /ia/ and /ua/), probably no diphthongs (but vowelsequences), and about twenty consonant phonemes.

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nägis tuja nii wiikiipajdan naaboû, нäгйс туя ни википăјдăн набю

xomê 7 kåj, хомӭ 7 көј

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