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Amelia Earhart
Earhart id siriba do Lockheed Model 10-E Electra, Gomot 1937, Oakland, California
Amelia Mary Earhart

(1897-07-24)Madas 24, 1897
Atchison, Kansas, A.S.
Disappeared2 Julai 1937 (umul 39)
Lautan Pasifik, id tindalanon kumaa Pulau Howland mantad Lae, Papua New Guinea
StatusNasah do noiduan ginawo dalam absen
Milatok 5, 1939(1939-01-05) (umul 41)
Known forOgumu rekod penerbangan di timpuunon nogi, kaampai no tondu di kumoiso i tuminulud do solo id Lautan Atlantik
George P. Putnam
(m. 1931)

Amelia Mary Earhart (/ˈɛərhɑːrt/, nosusu ontok 24 Madas 1897; natagak ontok 2 Madas 1937) nopo nga songulun perintis om monunuat kotuludan Amerika.[1][Note 1] Earhart nopo nga songulun popopotulud kapal tulud tondu di kumoiso i tuminulud do solo id Lautan Atlantik.[3][Note 2] Nokotorimo isido do United States Distinguished Flying Cross montok kinalantaion diti.[5] Ogumu nogi rekod suai i pinatatap dau,[2] minonuat do buuk di alaku kopio kokomoi koinganan dau do tumulud om tonggungan dau id suang do pombontukan The Ninety-Nines, iso kotinanan montok popopotulud kapal tulud do tondu.[6] Ontok toun 1935, nokosiliu i Earhart do surupu fakulti i tuminombului id Universiti Purdue sabaagi mongungulud kejuruteraan aeronautik om songulun kaunselor pakarajaan kumaa mokiikinobos tondu. Isido nga songulun nogi surupu Parti Wanita Negara om mononokodung do Perubahan Hak Sama..[7][8]

Ontok miningumbal do tumulud sumorili do pogun ontok toun 1937 id Lockheed Model 10-E Electra i tinonggungan do Purdue, natagak i Earhart om pelayaran Fred Noonan id tanga' do Lautan Pasifik id doros do Pulau Howland. Daya tarikan kokomoi koposion, pakarajaan, om kinatagakan dau kakal do potilombus gisom do tadau baino.[Note 3]

Gaa om Kinalantayan

  • Woman's world altitude record: 14,000 ft (1922)
  • First woman to fly the Atlantic Ocean (1928)
  • Speed records for 100 km (and with 500 lb (230 kg) cargo) (1931)
  • First woman to fly an autogyro (1931)
  • Altitude record for autogyros: 18,415 ft (1931)
  • First woman to cross the United States in an autogyro (1931)
  • First woman to fly the Atlantic solo (1932)
  • First person to fly the Atlantic twice (1932)
  • First woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross (1932)
  • First woman to fly nonstop, coast-to-coast across the U.S. (1932) [10]
  • Women's speed transcontinental record (1933)
  • First person to fly solo between Honolulu, Hawaii, and Oakland, California (1935)[Note 4]
  • First person to fly solo from Los Angeles to Mexico City (1935)
  • First person to fly solo nonstop from Mexico City to Newark, New Jersey (1935)
  • Speed record for east-to-west flight from Oakland, California, to Honolulu, Hawaii (1937)[12]
  • First person to fly solo from the Red Sea to Karachi (1937)


  1. Charles Kuralt said on CBS television program Sunday Morning, referring to Earhart: "She was a pioneer in aviation ... she led the way so that others could follow and go on to even greater achievements," further stating, "trailblazers prepare the rest of us for the future."[2]
  2. Earhart set several records, being the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, first as a passenger and later, as a solo pilot; the period term for a female pilot was "aviatrix", and is still in use.[4]
  3. Quote: "She vanished nearly 60 years ago, but fascination with Amelia Earhart continues through each new generation."[9]
  4. Note from author: "I have had them for many years, but do not remember where they came from. There is no identification on the backs. They appear to be typical snapshots and not the work of a professional. They have faded giving them a sepia appearance."[11]

Intangai nogi

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