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Smlhktum wa clhkw'lsi wa alh7ay. Ninitsaw ts ala qla ts. iixqlmnaw wa acwlh ts ala nut's ts, aynaw kuks wa acwlh ts ala nuxuxwmii ts was ala tsalh ts. Nuxsasa-tum wa cna7slhh wa smlhk, nuquuxwwa-tum kuks wa imlaakwlh wa smlhk.

ti sininitsaw[edit | edit source]

wa amatapsulhaw ts[edit | edit source]

wa smlhk n wa tl'mstnuks[edit | edit source]

pismanaw wa nu7asmus wa alha7yuuts ca p'wi. Alhi tuu ka qw'aqwina alh ti skiikwpinaw tc.
ti ayk'mlh ti silhmak alh Nuxalk

Pismanaw wa Nuxalkmc ts ca ay tu s7ays wa smlhk ts. P'iixlanawlukw' ala anuxum ts, sqts'amkanaw ca kw'puts. Tamsilhmaklhaw tuts' alh tu ayk' txw ulh ta sculhlamtim c tu kapmnt tx.

ays7ays wa smlhk ts[edit | edit source]

Wic its'ik ats wa csuuts wa smlhk sclhskwatsta ala slhk'mstalh ts

wa punputl' wa smlhk ts ula anuxum ts s7amlhams[edit | edit source]

wa sulutlh wa smlhk ts[edit | edit source]

wa smlhk wa alhi ala tsalh ts was ala anuxum ts[edit | edit source]

Putl'awk'u wa acwlh wa alh7ay wa smlhk ula ka anuxum s7amlhams. Putl'awk'u si7iximutaw alhtxw.

Words used to describe a range of fish Qamxamila – term of respect for a caught salmon Siq’aax – fish that is about to die after spawning Sqwlitq – dried up rotten fish (such as that found on river banks) Nux – a caught fish (in a net) Astsm – fresh fish

Fish actions Stsuctsucm – fish are jumping Q’alm – to twist, spiral, zigzag (i.e. fish in the water) Iximut – fish is spawning Usaqw’sam – to dive to the bottom of the river Cwp’uutsm – to free mouth (from hook) – cwp’uutsmlaycts – I lost the fish  

wa alh7ay ts alh ti sunkwstanaw wa smlhk ts[edit | edit source]

t’nxw – head qluq’s – eyes tsutsa – mouth Slilhqwamams – fish cheeks Kw’lsyams – fish cheeks Sqwlhik – dorsal fin K’mlh – abdominal fin Aslqsnk – fish tails Sk’aptsanilh / sqwtsilh – posterior abdominal fin T’in – small dorsal fin, or clitoris Sqwlh – fishbone Sxtl’ik – fish backbone Snumnts’lhtaylh – bloody part of a fish backbone Sk’stlits’ulhiixw – skin of fishhead Sculm/scwilm – salmon roe Xsasa – salmon roe in skein Sts’icin – skein that holds fish roe together Quuxwwa – salmon milt/sperm At – herring spawn Matskin – fish heart Kw’lsi – gills of fish Stpliits – fish scales Plst – fish scale Sqwinacw – flesh of crushed eulachon  

s7alh7ayutsmim wa liclictum wa smlhk ts[edit | edit source]

Ts’umlc – half-smoked fish Stutsm – dried fish that has been soaked Ts’umlcuus – surface of half-smoked fish Tl’lhuuslc – fish is drying up (tl’lh – dry, see –uus still used for fish surface) Knum – smoked fish fillet Anulhts’ – sun-cured and compacted cakes of fish eggs (used for bait, among other things) Tmkwa – cured salmon roe Mats’i – cured salmon roe Matsta – nuts and dried springsalmon roe Qwwas – cooked sockeye salmon Q’luk – barbecued salmon Slhq’ – barbecued and dried springsalmon Slaq’k – sliced and smoked salmon Scimnk – cooked fish tails Slaq’nk – smoked salmon tails Akw’i – smoked salmon-head skin Sliixw – salmon-head stew T’nxulh – salmon head stew