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Kattints ide a magyar változathoz.

Here is a list of things which require community consensus, a technical to-do list and a list of changes we have implemented during our incubation period. You may find a partial content assessment at the bottom. If you would have a suggestion, you may post it on our community page.

Significant changes[edit | edit source]

Implemented since our return to the Incubator:

  • we have dropped categorization by exact dates, we categorize only by year and month (it should be enough for our current output volume, and so that we should not have to create so many empty category pages) → changes to our Date template
  • we no longer use {{Wn/hu/Publikált}} to mark published articles, instead we use plain form [[Category:Wn/hu/Publikált]], so that we don't have to type in sortkeys multiple times within the same article
  • all [mainspace] articles now have a sortkey in this format: {{DEFAULTSORT: sortkey}}, so that not all of our articles would appear under W when browsing categories
  • we now have one community page (Wn/hu/Wikihírek:Társalgó) instead of the earlier branched system which we adopted from hu.wp
  • we have integrated election and voting pages into Wn/hu/Wikihírek:Szavazás
  • some help and project pages were not imported, as we intend to rely more on hu.wp in this regard (they have more resources to keep such pages updated than we do)
  • portals were not imported as our output volume is too low
  • we no longer import articles from outside sources, even if they allowed us to do so earlier (others should be able to verify the permissions, but the permissions we received were not passed through OTRS, furthermore we did not use them for over ten years)

To-do list[edit | edit source]

Copyright[edit | edit source]

  • identify copy-pasted content from hu.wp (requires digging through page histories)
    • rationale: such content might not be compatible with our license

Technical[edit | edit source]

  • viewsize problems
  • fix the mobile view for articles and project pages
    • {{Wn/hu/Irányelv-navigáció}}: border unexpectedly fills display width (Firefox/Android)
    • Wn/hu/Kezdőlap/Friss hírek: header is not of the same width as the box below it (Firefox/Android)
    • Currently, infoboxes appear as side panels in mobile view - adopt either the English version where they fill the width or the Russian version where they do not appear at all
  • create an RSS feed
  • implement English Wikinews' Translated quote template here
  • implement Russian Wikinews' Тема template here
  • {{Wn/hu/Cite web}}: shorten output text (in case of the archiveurl parameter is not empty)

Linking[edit | edit source]

  • (once content assessment had been completed:) place links to our site in the Hungarian Wikipedia using the Wikihírek template

Suggestions[edit | edit source]

  • for some purposes, integration either with the Hungarian Wikipedia or the English Wikinews, and Meta (consensus needed):
    • some local help pages should redirect to hu.wp (grammar, transliteration, basics of editing) or Meta (mission statement)
    • a final step of dispute resolution could be an appeal to either the hu.wp or en.wn Arbcom
  • set our rules for translating articles
    • should we have a wider freshness horizon? Maybe allow publishing within four days?
      • en.wn experiences regular review delays: if a translator starts to work on an article after it got published there, oftentimes he/she would not have enough time to finish the translation before the story goes stale;
    • if the review process changed the text there, we should re-translate the affected sections
      • if they issue a correction, so should we
    • should translators check the sources when they translate from projects without a review process?
  • a shallow adoption of the review process
    • we are too small to introduce Flagged Revisions (used on hu.wp and en.wn);
    • core issue: at least one person other than the author should check the article AND its sources
    • difference to the hu.wp system: time sensitivity (freshness → there is a limited amount of time to publish before a story goes stale)
    • aim: allow our readers to build trust with us
    • might be a target: do not allow not-yet-checked articles to appear on the main page
    • templates could mark stages: to-be-reviewed → reviewed.
  • confirmation votes to establish some en.wn/hu.wp rules which we have adopted (it was a hu.wp custom to automatically accept translated en.wp policies as local policies)

Content assessment[edit | edit source]

See also: Wn/hu/Wikihírek:Tartalom átvilágítás

Imported pages[edit | edit source]

  • check page history (it is missing, if the page was copy-pasted);
  • we should have a unified discussion about clearing the content:
    • possible criteria: core policy (freshness, NPOV) violations
    • we might be permissive: small infractions in the cases of articles with a unique focus (i.e. articles might pass, if their focus was not processed by the Hungarian media)
    • at a future point, we should invite editors from hu.wp to confirm/assess our choices and procedures

Not-yet-imported pages[edit | edit source]

  • we should have a unified discussion about clearing the content