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But suppose a person were to ask this further question: And how about yourself? What will Protagoras make of you, if you go to see him?

He answered, with a blush upon his face (for the day was just beginning to dawn, so that I could see him): Unless this differs in some way from the former instances, I suppose that he will make a Sophist of me.

By the gods, I said, and are you not ashamed at having to appear before the Hellenes in the character of a Sophist?

Indeed, Socrates, to confess the truth, I am.

(slobo on slobo vaik sen smöres kärtsäis)

They jyne thegither pairts o extreme metal wi Finnish polka muisic, cried humppa. Their name coud mean aither "Trowe frae Finland" or "Plouky Trowe", syne in Swadish the wird Finne can mean aither a chiel frae Finland or plouk.

Where are you? :-([edit source]

I hope it doesn't look intrusive (moreover that the midsummer time is good for rest, not work), but... can you come back to the Votic Wikipedia? I often have difficulties with working here, that's why it will be hard for me without your advice. :)

And just note that every involved user should contribute at least 10—11 edits per mounth to keep the project active. Only active projects can be opened in their actual domains in the future. Also it will be great if you know someone who can join us. Best regards, --Tamara Ustinova (talk) 19:48, 8 July 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Mihcamar :) it always sounds good[edit source]

Lÿgâ palyo töötä, ebõõ aÿkâ; proobân kuytõski taaz kirjottâ Kern'avicalla ko leeb aÿkâ

doubleplusfaceplam.jpg (this is a wee bit ungrammatical Scots :))[edit source]

Tamara Ustinova kirjotti:

Votic Wikipedia wasn't created. The language of this project was criticized by an expert.
I'm afraid we could start rewriting Wp/vot. Everything anew. --Tomoi (diskussii • tond) 19:48, 23 February 2014 (UTC)

Nayzekspertta Elsingi nUniversitetassa kirjotab (miä en tää ken kase on, ehki Eyniqe Eynsoo? onko tämä professorra?):

I looked through some articles of Votic Wikiperdia (in fact, I have already read it a year ago - 
I did not notice very much changes now).
What can I say? The problem is that there is a "classical" Votic, which is based on the grammar by Paul Ariste.
This grammar was written in 1948 (translated into English in 1968) and mostly used the data from already 
extinct Votic dialect.People who wrote articles for Wikipedia used this Votic variety.
Of course many contemporary notions does not (and cannot) exist in Ariste's grammar, so 
the Wiki authors invent their own words, and use lexical calques from Russian or Estonian.

The last speakers of Votic speak different dialect.
This difference between dialects concerns lexicon and, what is more 
important from my point of view, the whole phonological system.

I do not know where the Wiki authors studied Votic but not from the native speakers 
(though there can be some exception).
Thus, from my point of view the Votic Wikipedia is written in some artificial language:
the previous speakers did not speak this way as they do not have such lexicon, 
the contemporary speakers use the dialect with different phonology and, sometimes, grammar. 

I also noticed some evident grammatical calques from Russian, e.g. (city) ležib 'lies', instead of  on 'is'.

Now all this looks like a game: Let us speak "Votic"!

However, I cannot propose something better for the current situation. Let it exist this way. It's better than nothing.

Concerning the menu translation the situation is the same. cülci for the 'page' looks 
especially weird, as it means '(body) side'.

If you have any other questions, please, feel free to contact me.

Adminna kirjotab sÿz millõ (vai kõikilõ meÿlê):

I don't know who is exactly that person, but it's a female professor of Helsinki University.
So thank you for your previous work, but that's not what we need.

Administraatõrra sraazužessi paab KÕIKKI välyä. Tälle ohto, etti ühsi nimetöi eskpertta toruzi vähäze keeltä! Ÿ kritikka-tõ õli kõvî ostorožnoÿ, mutta keneltä mittäyd küsümättä, võtab ÿ viskâb KÕIKKI poyz. Ÿ taaz kirjotab "eläjäcisla" jkve. Vot eläjäkislâ-tõ jwri Tsvetkovalla ebõõ. Missi ed kirjota: küläz eläb 83 inehmissä? Missi piäb taaz õlla eläjäkisla? Nu vot mitä tehä praiku, a? Tunnõbko tämä pajattamâ vagyâ vÿsî? Kucun Mehmeta treddasõ :) FitzSæmParson (talk) 00:07, 14 March 2014 (UTC)[reply]

oceanian stranger says:[edit source]

Heinike Heinsoo tunnõb cüll pajattâ vagyâ vÿsî. tämä õbõtab vagyâ ceelt Tartoz ja Liivcüläz. vanad vagyalazõd tuntevad tädä üvî, a tämä eb cirjotta teist mitäid pahâ. She says:

Now all this looks like a game: Let us speak "Votic"! 
However, I cannot propose something better for the current situation. 
Let it exist this way. It's better than nothing.

Which is correct. No native Votic speakers are able to write a wiki, but that is the same case with Latin and Anglosaxon etc. What disturbs me is the poor language of our own Votic wiki admins. Admin should be somebody who knows the language well Mehmet or Heinike. Otherwise it'll become a game "I'm the one to decide what Votic will be". -- 23:22, 26 December 2014 (UTC)[reply]

agree but[edit source]

i minua tämä tääb üvässi, no:

it is all like minitrue correcting articles fullwise, do not you see??? there was three admins from eurasia (päivüd, tamara, aig mest) who did try to do smth and they seem to be vaporized likewise dust in the wind after their sometimes destructive corrections

they are all unpersons now

bro it seems likewise eurasian miniluv seeks redemption FitzSæmParson (talk) 21:26, 8 January 2015 (UTC)[reply]

overriver stranger:[edit source]

cirjota parõp Vaija ceelist bloggaa. siäll ei cenki saa rikkoo sinuu cirjottamisii. kase wiki asia onki virtualii vlastii peräst sõtimist ei muut. ku siä praikaa õlõt ühsi kassenna VaďďaaPediä'sä nii võitki ise õlla senee kuningas.

unencyclopædia vaporized fullwise[edit source]

sysadmins vaporized likewise too: no edits since vaporization of all oldthink pages: likewise no edits elsewhere

uncare care

FitzSæmParson (talk) 08:14, 13 May 2014 (UTC)[reply]