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LV Ron, was born Ronzell Williams II on October 17th, 1991 in Des Moines, Iowa. Music played a very big part in his earlier years as his father, Ronzell Williams I, raised him around hardcore hip hop music, and his mother, Charlotte Bennett, raised him around various types of music in general. His parents would throw block parties and play music around their apartment constantly, to the point where he would end up absorbing the music, building his ear for sounds that would eventually help his talent. At the age of 3, he relocated to Houston, Texas, known as the “City of Syrup” of Southern Hip Hop, where he would soon develop a talent for music. Years Later, he started writing full songs at 9, recording at 12. Working over the year, building a bigger buzz in his area with the stage name “Lil Ron”, bringing out mixtapes, displaying his rap talents in the talent shows, and releasing visuals. Then, he changed his name to LV Ron after feeling the need of a new start, now he is working harder than ever on new project, new visuals, designing his own cover art to fit his vision being a hands on artist, as well as ghostwriting for other artist out there and being apart of his team GG, a collective of artists & loyal comrades . LV Also, carving his own lane, building his own sound with main producer Mike Hurst @MikeHurst1_Word, The Dean @BeatHouse2 , DroGod @DroGodBmG Bo @BoKillinBeatz for a new generation to come, shining light on the NorthSide of H-Town. The music scene in Houston is rising, and its only a matter of time before LV Ron is at the forefront of the world.