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    Hi !

    I began to create WikiPédia articles in 2000 (1)

    An important topic of my PhD dissertation - 2005 - was "How to write collectively on line ? " What a program !!! ;-)

    I am an irregular contributor :

    • pictures of monuments, etc. on WikiMedia
    • technical diagrams or pictures of tools and "know how"
    • correcting misspelling when I read an article
    • etc.
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    I've been learning English through my job practice (2) so I am very fluent in some narrow fields and ignorant in cooking or rugby semantics.


    (1) User contributions (left menu)

    It is empty because of the re-organization of user's accounts by WikiPedia.

    (2) Sources of knowledge in English language


    • electronics
    • computers
    • networks
    • interpreter in human sciences specialities
    • academic research groups & publications

    Fields of interest