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Sitobali nibe'e ba dödö khögu ena'ö tesura.

Fonologi Li Niha (nahia gasagasa lö mu'ali)[edit | edit source]

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Nias has the following phonemes (sounds only found in the northern dialect are given in owuge'e, southern-only sounds are in soyo.[1][2]

Hurufo sauri
  Front Central Back
Close Template:IPA Template:IPA
Mid Template:IPA Template:Angle bracket Template:IPA Template:IPA
Open Template:IPA
Hurufo si mate
  Labial Labiodental Dental/


Palato-alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal


voiceless     Template:IPA Template:Color   Template:IPA Template:Angle bracket Template:IPA
voiced Template:IPA   Template:IPA Template:Color   Template:IPA  
prenasalized / trilled Template:Angle bracket Template:IPA   Template:Angle bracket Template:IPA        
Fricative voiceless   Template:IPA Template:IPA     Template:Angle bracket Template:IPA Template:IPA
voiced   Template:IPA Template:Color        
Nasal Template:IPA   Template:IPA     Template:Color  
Approximant   Template:Color Template:IPA   Template:Angle bracket Template:IPA Template:IPA  
Trill     Template:IPA        

Phonetic descriptions of the sounds traditionally written as <mb> and <ndr> greatly vary. Sundermann (1913) and Halawa et al. (1983) describe them as prenasalized stop [ᵐb] and prenasalized trilled stop [ⁿdʳ] for the northern dialect, while Brown (2005) records them as trill [ʙ] and trilled stop [dʳ] for the southern dialect. In an acoustic study of Nias dialects from three locations, Yoder (2010) shows a complex pattern of four phonetic realizations of <mb> and <ndr>: plain stop, prenasalized stop, stop with trilled release, stop with fricated release.

The status of initial [ʔ] is not determined; there are no phonetic vowel-initial words in Nias.

bxavaixa[edit | edit source]

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