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Aibek Abdirov[edit | edit source]

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kk-N қазақша бұл қатысушының ана тілі боп саналады.
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My name is Aibek. I live in Atyrau,Kazakhstan.I graduated from Atyrau Pedagogical University by speciality english language teacher. Now working in oil industry.

I started new wikipedia (Wp/qz - qazaqsha) in incubator[edit | edit source]

Reason[edit | edit source]

Since independence in our country many times raised the issue of transition to the Latin alphabet. Also in the past we had Latin alphabet which was changed to Cyrillic. There are also several versions used in mass-media. But they are difficult to use. That’s why I want to create Latin (English) version of Kazakh language. Also, it will make easier to learn English for Kazakh people and Kazakh language for foreigners. Actually, it’s not new language, just transliteration. It consists of 26 English letters and 3 Kazakh letters (Әә, Өө, Ұұ).