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Important: Do not edit this template unless you know what you are doing. To add a test, use the links you can see on the right of each project section. Please add tests only if they meet the criteria listed below.

This is a chart of all of the tests currently in Incubator that meet one or both of the following criteria:

  • Substantial (at least twenty-five [25] mainspace [article] pages, excluding redirects), and/or
  • Active (non-trivial content creation at any time since the beginning of 2018, excluding housekeeping edits)

There are 1,330 tests currently open in the Incubator with at least one page believed to contain valid content (as of 2024-06-17). About half of them are in this chart. If the test you are looking for is not here, please look at Category:Incubator:All test wikis, which lists all test wikis by test code and language code.

  • To show the info page of a test, click on "show".
  • To navigate to the info page of a test, click on its code (Wx/xxx)
    From the info page, there are links to test content, the root category of the test, any Request for new languages at Meta, and statistics on test activity and interface localization.
  • To go to the English Wikipedia article on a language, click on the language name.
  • Those tests highlighted in yellow have at least three editors who have made at least ten edits each over each of the past three months, or at least over five of the last six months.
    Those tests highlighted in green have been approved, but have not yet been created. Tests highlighted in green can still be edited on Incubator.
    Those tests highlighted in blue have been created. Please leave the entry here in place until the test has been deleted from Incubator, normally 1–3 months after the wiki is created.