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Collaboration/Colaboracion[edit source]

Hello wonderful friends,

Thank you all for the contributions to this wonderful topic. My intention here is to have a discussion with you all to reach a consensus as to how to organize both the variant of nahuat as well as the name of the tonallis (tujtunal). I speak both English, Spanish, and am learning the nahuat variant from Santo Domingo De Guzman in El Salvador. Please let me know as to how to best communicate with you. We can always uses google translate if you speak another language.

Estimados amigos,

Gracias por sus contribuciones a este tema tan sagrado y hermoso. Quisiera poder colaborar mas con usteded y tener un discurso para poder organizar lo complejo de este tema, ya que yo estoy aprendiendo la variante de Nahuat de Santo Domingo De Guzman. Como tal, tenemos la dificial tarea de ver como presentamos los tonallis (tujtunal). Yo hablo ingles y castellano, asi que dejenme saber en que idioma podriamos comunicarnos. Siempre existe la posibilidad de usar Google Translate para traducirnos en otros idiomas. FreddieBarahona (talk) 17:19, 6 June 2023 (UTC)Reply

Wikipedia reached out to the organization Timumachtikan Nawat, where I am taking classes, to begin writing articles in Nahuat. The variant we are learning is from Witzapan, Santo Domingo De Guzman, so we are aware of the other variants and their unique spellings/vocabulary. As there is no unified Nahuat, I believe that for practical reasons, as long as the viewer can extrapolate the meaning, this should suffice so that the information is understood. First let me say that my investigation has indicated that the actual count of the tonalpohualli has been lost in El Salvador. For example, as of today 6/6/23 we are in the Mayan day of Jun Kawoq (1 Quiahuitl in the Mexica tradition). However, I am aware of two distinct counts that are offset to each other. One count by the teacher Arturo Meza has today actually being 4 Tochtli (tuchti in Nahuat). My point is that I believe we need to convey this to the reader that there are multiple counts that are not always in agreement. Some just stick to the Mayan count, as it has been the most consistent/preserved.
In regards to the Tonallis (tunal), I originally started with the names of the only source I found translating the names in Nahuat Tamachtiani Amilcar is from Izalco and shares that this is the way the nahuales were taught to him. Unfortunately, another user erased certain names of the nahuales before we had a chance to discuss them. For example, Ocelotl (jaguar) is known as tekwani in the tradition of Witzapan and for Amilcar as well. This name was erased and replaced with something else. For discrepancies like this, I believe we owe the reader a more detailed explanation. Our information, as oral tradition, is also not widely available and is sometimes contradicted by information that has been published. I would like to have the information be as basic as possible in respect to the carriers of this tradition, who would prefer to share this orally. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. FreddieBarahona (talk) 17:41, 6 June 2023 (UTC)Reply