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Reference[edit source]

The web article at [1] cites at the bottom its source as the Lively Stories article at [2], which cites Paul Curnow as the author. Hence moved ref chain one step closer to home! Aarghdvaark (talk) 06:50, 23 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Jarrah[edit source]

One wordlist gives Jarrah as the Noongar word (Rae in [3]). There are many other versions. I have gone with Djaraly from Rooney, Bernard "The Nyoongar Legacy". Noongar words don't start with J, as J is only used together with T or D - here as DJ. Despite the non orthodox spelling, I'm tempted to go with Jarrah, on the basis that non Noongar speakers would then know one more Noongar word! Aarghdvaark (talk)

Stick with Noongar spelling for Noongar words, and make note 'Jarrah, from Noongar'. Aarghdvaark (talk) 21:11, 25 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]