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Translating proper names[edit source]

I find the following link handful to help us to translate proper names


There is nothing really complex about the transcription of foreign names to AGreek, as long as we get to choose a fixed phonemic/phonetic pattern which is to be used throughout the Graecan wiki. For example in order to avoid confusion, we can select the early Attic Greek one (in which ῳ/ῃ are different from ω/η, υι is different from from long υ, but ει is closer to η than to εϊ, ου<οϝ is different from ου<οο, and υ is a frontal vowel). The only deviations from Attic Greek might be the use of ϝ /w/ in initial position or CwV position or intervocalically (oϝ, oυϝ, ιϝ); so, for example, Novial should be rendered as Νόϝιαλ); αϝ & εϝ could be used instead of αύ & εύ, respectively. A final deviation is that the letter ζ can render not only /zd/ but also /zz/. These are the rules (without the use of digamma of course) that are generally followed for the transcription of foreign names in most articles of this Wikipedia since its creation (see the transliteration of country names in Wp/grc/Ἀσία, Wp/grc/Λιβύη, Wp/grc/Εὐρώπη created a year ago), and in books such as Harry Potter and Asterix translated into Classical Greek. However if you find the above outlines fuzzy, would you like to indicate me a place to give more explicit rules? We could either continue the discussion in this talk page or include it in the talk page of Πολλάκις αἰτηθέντα. Omnipaedista 12:12, 8 August 2008 (UTC)Reply

Adoption of Late Koine phonology[edit source]

I remark that after the adoption of the Late Koine/Byzantine phonology on this wiki, the suggestions of the thread above are not valid any more. --Omnipaedista 15:56, 18 July 2009 (UTC)Reply