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Wrong iso code[edit source]

  • orq is the ISO code for Orkish
  • aro is the ISO code for Aroana

Please fix this if I'm right.

  • orq est le ISO code de Orqain
  • aro est le ISO code de Aroana

svp reparer cette problème. --Ooswesthoesbes 05:30, 17 September 2007 (UTC)Reply

Du accord. Je vais changer le code tempsici. Je transportaîme les pages. Olaf Voljavo 14:22, 17 September 2007 (UTC)Reply
There is no ISO code orq, nor does the Orkish language have an ISO code. Angr 18:09, 16 June 2010 (UTC)Reply

Ton page es perfect, je necessair de dire. Wikjba'cakp' 13:51, 19 September 2007 (UTC)Reply

Font Type[edit source]

Greetings, I’m surprised and to tell the truth very happy to see this project; I wish I knew about it before. My knowledge of the Araona language isn’t perfect actually I only studied it through the working papers from the SIL for some months now, but I’m interested in deepening my knowledge; so I hope I can contribute with this project more.

But I have a problem with the alphabet, apparently I only knew the Roman characters, and my computer isn’t showing the “orq” version, where can download those characters? Besides I wonder if there is any more documentation about the language because the dictionary available in SIL doesn’t show many of the words used here.

Thanks in advance

Salut, je suis étonné et à vrai dire très heureux de voir ce projet; j’aurais bien voulu le connaitre avant. Mon connaissance de la langue Araona n’est pas si parfait en fait je seulement l’ai étude avec les documents de travail du SIL depuis des mois actuellement, mais je suis intéressé en approfondir ma connaissance; donc j’espère pouvoir contribuer plus avec ce projet.

Mais j’ai un problème avec l’alphabet, apparemment je seulement connaissais les symboles romains, et mon ordinateur n’est pas montrant la version « orq », ou je pourrais télécharger ces symboles? En plus, je me demande si il y a autre documentation sûr la langue parce-que le dictionnaire disponible en SIL ne montre pas beaucoup des mots en utilisant ici.

Merci d’avance

--Erebedhel - M 03:36, 19 February 2009 (UTC)Reply

Is this real...?[edit source]

Sorry, but all this is all quite unbelievable to me. Araona is a language with fewer than a hundred speakers, who form a Naturvolk with presumably little access to computers. How could it be possible that, of all indigenous languages in South America, native speakers of exactly this language find the way to incubator? Compare the Quechua Wikipedia, where virtually all users native speakers of mainly Spanish who have learnt Quechua as a foreign language. Aroana, with 100,000 times fewer speakers, should generate this amount of activity? Besides, the characters supposedly used as a native script are Phoenician letters - why on earth would you use the Phoenician alphabet to write an Amerindian language? So, in my opinion, there is just one possible explanation: this test wiki is a hoax. Steinbach 13:12, 12 September 2009 (UTC)Reply

Thank you for your observations Steinbach and sorry for replying a month later, (probably proof that this language isn't very active) and also thank you for clarifying my doubt about the font type I knew something wasn't right there. I can't speak for the person who started this project (I found it already started casually when I was investigating this language) but in my case I wouldn't rush to classify this page as a hoax, I did make an effort to learn this language and I'm interested in developing it. I know that it's probably me the only one who can really make a contribution here for the moment, and I know that the communities where this language is spoken have no access to computers (at least for the next 3 years). But in my case I'm not aiming at then I'm seeking collaboration of linguists like myself interested in learning this language and any other of the 36 official languages of Bolivia, in order to create a basis of basic written knowledge to later present the printed versions of some introductory articles for their school. I'm not expecting to have a large encyclopedia but the infrastructure of Wikipedia could provide me an enormous help. --Erebedhel - M 04:16, 19 October 2009 (UTC)Reply