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Kes subdomain seni vırazeno?[edit source]

Do not copy pages from the test at Incubator to the new site. This is illegal. These pages must be imported from Incubator. For this, you have to be member of the global new wikis importers user group (list of members). New wikis importers also do the imports for new Wikiversity and Wikisource subdomains, from Beta Wikiversity and Old Wikisource, respectively.

Note that editing existing wikis on Incubator is technically impossible, so you will not miss any page or change while importing.

When will the import be done?[edit source]

New wikis importers will conduct the import as soon as their time allows. You can ask on Incubator:Administrators' noticeboard or on IRC if you need any details or want to make a remark.

Zewbi[edit source]