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These projects were rejected by the Language Committee.

Projects that were rejected because they were not ready for approval, but for which the Language Committee would entertain a future application, should remain at |status=open instead of |status=rejected. (Additionally, they should be added to Category:Incubator:Test wikis/open-but-rejected.)

If the items in this table do not match the category contents, the reason for that should be investigated.

Date Count Tests marked as rejected and closed
2017-01 24 Wp/amz, Wp/apd, Wp/gem, Wp/hbo, Wp/ine, Wp/jpn-classical (Wp/ojp), Wb/mul, Wn/mul, Wp/mul, Wt/mul, Wp/myn, Wp/phn, Wp/pt-br, Wp/ru-lat, Wp/ruo, Wp/surzh, Wp/ukl, Wp/vi-nom, Wp/xhc, Wp/xil, Wp/xno, Wp/zro, Wp/zza
2017-02 7 Wn/la, Wp/tgl, Wt/tgl, Wq/tgl, Wp/tmz, Wp/vul, Wt/zza
2017-03 5 Wp/crp, Wt/lpl, Wp/scm, Wp/sjn, Wp/x-fc
2017-07 1 Wp/pkm
2018-02 2 Wp/ber, Wp/zbl
2018-04 1 Wp/pst
2018-10 1 Wp/cmn
2018-12 2 Wn/kk, Wp/ota, Wp/snd
Total 44

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